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Netflix in South Africa: fastest ISPs revealed for September
Netflix in South Africa: fastest ISPs revealed for September

Netflix launched in South Africa more than a year ago, officially supporting the region with TV shows and movies. But the streaming service has also recently added South Africa to its monthly ISP Speed Index

By Hadlee Simons 10 Oct 2017

Joseph Hundah
#AfricaAchiever: Kwesé TV disrupts pay-TV market in Africa

Kwesé TV is disrupting the pay-TV market on the African continent, bringing the ‘TV everywhere revolution' to the continent. President and CEO, Joseph Hundah is our #AfricaAchiever.

By Louise Marsland 10 Oct 2017

Peter Langschmidt, the PRC’s lead research consultant.
The Establishment Survey, a foundation for a brave new world

The Establishment Survey (ES) is a multi-purpose, multi-media survey providing context for all media platforms and all media currencies in South Africa

By Danette Breitenbach 6 Oct 2017

Business of Design speaker Q&A: Mduduzi Simelane
Business of Design speaker Q&A: Mduduzi Simelane

Business of Design (BoD) is back with a speaker lineup of note. The two-day seminar is held annually in Cape Town and Johannesburg during October and doesn't just focus on design in itself but has a much broader vision for the field in all areas of business

By Jessica Tennant 4 Oct 2017

#StartupStory: Blacksmith Collective
#StartupStory: Blacksmith Collective

“Like a blacksmith, we forge together various skill sets and craft to create a beautiful finished piece,” explain co-founders Diogo Mendonça and Marcus von Geyso of Blacksmith Collective

By Jessica Tennant 29 Sep 2017

#Newsmaker: Danilo Acquisto heads up local YouTube multi-channel network
#Newsmaker: Danilo Acquisto heads up local YouTube multi-channel network

Following the recent launch of Special Effects Media SA, I interviewed CEO Danilo Acquisto who was appointed by the network's global partners to head up the new South African studio, effective 1 August 2017

By Jessica Tennant 27 Sep 2017

Sorax ©
Dissatisfaction with local TV services

When I wrote last week about declining audiences and poor customer support in the TV industry, I didn't expect the deluge of sympathetic complaints I received - nor how upset a lot of viewers really are

By Chris Brewer 26 Sep 2017

#SACSCCongress: Nigella Lawson on the role of food in storytelling
#SACSCCongress: Nigella Lawson on the role of food in storytelling

Internationally renowned food writer and TV cook Nigella Lawson has amassed a loyal following of food lovers charmed by her no-fuss approach to cooking

By Lauren Hartzenberg 18 Sep 2017

(c) Sergey Rasulov -
Are TV audiences declining?

At first it's hard, if not impossible, to get a grip on TV audiences. It will remain difficult until the industry has some real and solid research to confirm whether it's one way or the other

By Chris Brewer 18 Sep 2017

Kui Kariuki
#Pamro2017: The challenges in changing media consumption habits

How does ‘going digital' in the television market affect content and viewership patterns? Kui Kariuki from Ipsos Kenya looked at what happened with Kenya's digital migration

By Louise Marsland 28 Aug 2017

Nontokozo Madonsela
#NewCampaign: Standard Bank's next

Through its current ‘What's your next?' integrated campaign, Standard Bank Personal and Business Banking South Africa (PBBSA) seeks to reconnect with its customers in a way that acknowledges that they're unique individuals with their own unique aspirations and ambitions, in an effort to partner with them on their journey to step up to their ‘next'

By Jessica Tennant 27 Jul 2017

The Swift team ©
Swift: 78% of women in the film/TV industry victims of discrimination

A new report being prepared by women working in film and television in SA has revealed shocking findings at the Durban International Film Festival

By Juanita Pienaar 19 Jul 2017

Hill's The Underdog Project in Cape Town
#OrchidsandOnions: There's no monopoly on capital doing good

When a brand does good for the society in which it exists, it can have powerful positive effects not only on its image, but also on sales

By Brendan Seery 20 Jun 2017

Desiree Gullan
How digital killed the TV star

It's official: digital advertising has overtaken TV advertising revenue (IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, 2016). As a medium, digital advertising has grown at supersonic speed. Here's what the latest statistics reveal

By Desiree Gullan, Issued by G&G Digital 20 Jun 2017

Sarah-Jane Harling Account Director Advertising BBC Worldwide Africa
#Newsmaker: Sarah-Jane Harling joins BBC Worldwide to grow its advertising business across Africa

BBC Worldwide recently appointed Sarah-Jane Harling in the newly created role of advertising account director for its Africa division, based at BBC's Melrose Arch office

By Jessica Tennant 12 Jun 2017

Victor Zastolskiy © –
How emotion affects advertising

You really have to be operating in the dark ages of marketing if you haven't cottoned on to the importance of emotion in marketing communication

By John Laurence 25 May 2017

Gen X: How to get the generation right (part 3)
Gen X: How to get the generation right (part 3)

Based on Viacom's extensive research on Generation X, how should brands, advertisers, marketers and media companies alike re-evaluate the way they represent this group of consumers?

By Jessica Tennant 24 May 2017

The future of advertising
The future of advertising

Everyone's talking about it falling circulations, viewers flocking to various competitive TV channels and a myriad of online internet offers, streaming options and, oh, there are so many others

By Chris Brewer 22 May 2017

Gen X: From rebellious, slacker youth generation to trailblazers of profound social change (part 1)
Gen X: From rebellious, slacker youth generation to trailblazers of profound social change (part 1)

Christian Kurz, senior vice president, global insights for Viacom International Media Networks unpacks the media company's latest global study and some game-changing insights on Generation X

By Jessica Tennant 19 May 2017

(c) 123branex -
Making sense of traditional, new TV content platforms

There are so many different options for viewing TV content and when combined with the latest technology makes for a very confusing space

By Alan Smith 12 May 2017

(c) Dmitriy Shironosov -
The rise of the in-house creative agency

Two things strike me as the word ‘advertising' is increasingly replaced with phrases such as ‘branded content', ‘native' and ‘content marketing'

By James Hunt 12 May 2017

Oleksandr Marynchenko © –
Digital video archiving - keeping up with today's broadcast demands

Broadcasters and video producers across the world are moving to computer-based platforms

By Paul Divall 20 Apr 2017

Married 9-5: Rethinking your relationships
Married 9-5: Rethinking your relationships

Relationship expert and author of Embracing Conflict, Paula Quinsee is currently acting as a coach to the couples featured on the localised TV show, Married at First Sight South Africa

By Jessica Tennant 6 Mar 2017


The brainstorming space is an incredibly malleable one. Not all ideas are manufactured within the confines of four glass walls of the boardroom. Some of them are composed – with theme tune – in the shower. In this instance, however, the organic, creative process used client-agency voice notes as the catalyst

By Mike Sharman 6 Mar 2017

(c) Leonard Zhukovsky -
Weak Super Bowl TVCs disappoint

The Super Bowl draws 190m eyes, and brands pay the equivalent of R65m for a spot during the game. Of the viewers, nearly a quarter say the television commercials (TVCs) are the most important part of the event, and would rather go to the loo during the game. Despite this, 2017 was one of the weakest years in Super Bowl history for TVCs

By Danette Breitenbach 22 Feb 2017

Potayto, Potarto: How this Super Bowl ad changed how I see marketing
Potayto, Potarto: How this Super Bowl ad changed how I see marketing

Even if you don't follow American Football, if you're interested in marketing, communications and/or advertising, come Super Bowl night you're probably also glued to your twitter feed, waiting for the ‘next big ad'

By Leigh Crymble 17 Feb 2017

National Film and Video Foundation announces changes to the SAFTAs
National Film and Video Foundation announces changes to the SAFTAs

The National Film and Video Foundation held a media breakfast on Thursday, 26 January to formally announce the changes it's made to the 11th edition of the South African Film and Television Awards.

By Jessica Tennant 28 Jan 2017

Do you trust the news? Image credit: Studiostoks © –
What is happening to Western democracy, and is it all the media's fault?

It is a massive understatement to say that it is an interesting time for Western democracy

By Jim Egan 12 Jan 2017

It all comes down to content
It all comes down to content

2017 is going to be the year of content as king, whether it's mobile or digital, and this is certainly the case for broadcasters with multi-platform offerings

By Beverley Klein 28 Dec 2016

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