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Can a mobile app help East African farmers adapt to climate change?

A simple mobile app has been developed to help farmers and local authorities in East Africa choose the right kind of tree to plant - key to helping countries curb their emissions and adapt to a changing climate

By Isaiah Esipisu 13 hours ago

New fish-smoking tech first introduced in Africa launched in Asia

Health hazards, such as smoking inhalation are high and output of intensive labour in the traditional method of fish-smoking is often low but the introduction of new smoking ovens pioneered by FAO is set to change this

15 hours ago

Monsanto to become carbon neutral by 2021

Monsanto Company recently announced at COP23 that they have made significant progress toward getting its operations carbon neutral by 2021

12 hours ago

Partnership on GIs to boost rural development, exports of traditional food products and wine

"GIs add value to products and promote the origin and heritage of the products. South Africa abounds with unique and high quality agricultural and traditional products that evoke the rich heritage of our country's diverse regions.

1 day ago

Study: Better soil could trap as much planet-warming carbon as transport produces

Better soil management could boost carbon stored in the top layer of the soil by up to 1.85 gigatonnes each year, about the same as the carbon emissions of transport globally

By Thin Lei Win 1 day ago

Why reducing post-harvest losses is a priority for Africa

A 2011 World Bank study estimated the value of African grain losses alone at $4bn for grains alone in Africa. This could feed 1.6 billion people each year

By Jane Ambuko 1 day ago

Lower feed costs boost Astral's earnings

Astral Foods has raised its final dividend by a hefty 775% to R8.75 after the poultry producer nearly doubled its full-year headline profit. Lower input costs benefited the company tremendously in the year to end-September

By Andries Mahlangu 1 day ago

How farm dwellers in South Africa think about home, land and belonging

Farm dwellers are not simply wage workers. They identify intimately with the land they live on

By Donna Hornby 2 days ago

#AgriIndaba: A gateway to investment opportunities in African agriculture

"The African Agri Investment Indaba seeks to strengthen the continent's agriculture sector and identify investment and growth opportunities. Africa is poised to play a significant role in ensuring global food security"

2 days ago

Efforts to tackle AMR on farms and in food systems gaining momentum

Antimicrobial medicines are widely used in livestock, poultry and aquaculture operations to treat or prevent diseases, but efforts to confront the problem are gaining momentum

2 days ago

Vumelana Advisory Fund roadshows educate land reform beneficiaries on possible outcomes

"There is a lot of public attention on the manner and pace of land transfer, but less attention is given to what happens after the transfer takes place"

2 days ago

SA entomopathogenic nematodes effectively kill fungus gnat pests

Fungus gnats are serious pests in South Africa's undercover farming, often harming production of various crops

17 Nov 2017

High-tech tracker to battle ancient wheat plague

The tracking technology used to halt the deadly Ebola and Zika viruses could now be turned against wheat rust as scientists try new ways to stop the fungus devastating world grain crops

By Thin Lei Win 17 Nov 2017

Producers must plant 500,000 hectares less maize to improve profitability

Fewer plantings will also result in a better price, subject to the demand and supply situation of maize in the country, which will largely be determined by

17 Nov 2017

Agricultural Writers SA awards top farmers, new entrants and agriculturists

Aiming to give prominence to the work that farmers and agriculturists do in South African agriculture, the Agricultural Writers SA recently hosted awards to honour

16 Nov 2017

Greening the livestock sector: Low carbon livestock is possible

Readily available practices in livestock feeding and manure management, along with better use of technologies such as biogas generators, could help the livestock sector cut its GHG output by up to 30%

16 Nov 2017

Report: Land projects promise much, leave locals hungry

Big foreign companies growing crops in Africa often promise jobs and development to local communities then leave them in even greater poverty when their projects falter

By Nellie Peyton 16 Nov 2017

Insect mass-rearing workshop held in SA

Just as cattle, fish and other livestock are reared in large numbers for meat or dairy production, so too insects are reared for various purposes

16 Nov 2017

How barcoding is helping South Africa track its precious pollinators

Pollinators are the unsung heroes of food production and some indigenous pollinators are under threat

By Dirk Swanevelder, Annemarie Gous, Connal D. Eardle 15 Nov 2017

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Reviving passion fruit production in Kenya

Kenya exported passion fruit in the 90s and early 2000s, however, due to pest management challenges, the country has seen a decline in the production of the highly profitable crop since 2003 - this despite Kenya's potential to grow and export passion fruit.

14 Nov 2017

Meat without animals to hit shelves in 2021

A growing number of startups are trying to produce meat products without using animals, with a view to addressing concerns about animal welfare and the carbon footprint of meat. However, Chris Lo, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, reports that new products will not be ready to hit the shelves until 2021.

10 Nov 2017

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