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SA ranked 48th in IMD World Talent Ranking

In order to deliver the high-quality workforce South African businesses need to thrive, we need to increase investment in developing local talent

11 hours ago

Are we ready to coach the millennials?

The differences between millennials and previous generations are significant. Therefore, organisations can expect unprecedented cultural change as millennials become a greater force in the workplace

Issued by SACAP 7 hours ago

What constitutes exceptional circumstances when interdicting disciplinary action?

When should the Labour Court prevent an employer from exercising its right to take disciplinary action against employees?

By Tracy Robbins 1 day ago

Careers24 encourages 2017 graduates to get moving with their job applications

With the job market as competitive as it is, Mark Kritzinger, Head of Careers24, is encouraging South African graduates to start their job search for 2018 as early as possible

Issued by Careers24 2 days ago

Digital era opens opportunities in maritime industry for South African youth

The face of the maritime industry is being changed by technological advances and digitalisation, opening up opportunities, especially among the youth

17 Nov 2017

Employer branding: Is loyalty becoming unfashionable?

Loyalty is a misconceived concept in business. Whether you are an employer or employee, assuming that someone may remain loyal to you until death do you part, is positively delusional

Issued by AMcomms 17 Nov 2017

Applications open for 2018 digital talent bursary

The Digital Skills Academy, in partnership with Brainstorm magazine, will once again offer a $10,000 bursary for one Brainstorm reader

17 Nov 2017

Real-world necessity for workplace integrated learning

Despite skills development becoming a BBBEE scorecard conversation, over 7-million South Africans are still illiterate, with new forms of illiteracy developing with every new workplace innovation

17 Nov 2017

Empowering millennials through mobility

The millennial generation is changing the game globally - more specifically: how they communicate with businesses, what and how they purchase, and what they value most

By Des Fenner 17 Nov 2017

SA students' job-seeking app wins international award

Umvozu, a mobile application developed by a team of South African students that links job-seekers with employers, has won the 2017 Geneva Challenge

16 Nov 2017

OrderIn's digital canteen comes with tax benefits

Food delivery app, OrderIn, has not only targeted itself at time-conscious consumers, but corporates too, offering a "virtual canteen of cuisines" and an instant tax back benefit to employees

16 Nov 2017

Second public protector CEO takes early exit

Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane's new CEO has called it quits less than a year after taking the reins at the Chapter 9 institution

16 Nov 2017

How to stop your passion from ruining your business

Passion is the driving force behind many entrepreneurial success stories, but it can also lead to the downfall of your business

By Thati Segoatle 16 Nov 2017

#Newsmaker: Singularity University invites John Sanei to panel

John Sanei, business innovation strategist, trend specialist, futurist and author of South African bestseller What's your moonshot?, has been invited to join Singularity University's panel of global speakers

By Jessica Tennant 15 Nov 2017

The downside of the digital era: Poor lifestyle and stress induced diseases

The so-called fourth industrial has reshaped the way we work and live, but the digital era is also taking a toll on our health

15 Nov 2017

How do we fast-track entrepreneurial growth in SA?

After the World Bank downgraded South Africa's 2017 growth forecast to 0.6% in September, the South African economy is in urgent need of more entrepreneurs to boost growth

By Donna Rachelson 15 Nov 2017

New app launched to connect people to places to work

Three South African entrepreneurs recently launched an app that connects people to places to work, collaborate and network

14 Nov 2017

Could freelance be the future of work?

In the United States, freelancers currently represent 35% of the workforce, 16% in the European Union, and while South African figures are harder to determine, the number is thought to be about 10% and rising

14 Nov 2017

Observations for entrepreneurs...

There are no rules in entrepreneurship. People often wax lyrical around following certain formulae for success and globally, millions of books are sold on the promise of riches. Sure, we can all learn from others, and it is true that successful entrepreneurs are open to learning, but there is no magic formula here.

By Mike Vacy-Lyle 13 Nov 2017

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These five US companies offer flex jobs for disabled and homebound workers

Although there are strong labor laws in effect for people with disabilities, few companies go beyond federal requirements for making the workplace accessible. This typically means providing specific types of restrooms with wide doors and ramps in lieu of stairs so that the disabled can enter the workplace. There are, however, top companies that go above and beyond what is mandated by law.

Issued by Monetary Library 2 days ago

Top four ways to respond to an uncertain business climate

The economy is rarely stable. On some occasions, it's less stable than others, though. During those chaotic days, you must have a plan for how to run your company. Otherwise, you'll become another statistic about failed businesses. Here are four ways to respond to an uncertain business climate.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 16 Nov 2017

Four ways the wrong janitor can ruin your business

As a business owner, you'll need different functional departments for the smooth running of the company because you can't do it all on your own.

Issued by Naija Writers’ Coach 13 Nov 2017

How to run a business while pursuing a personal injury claim

So, you're used to taking the bull by the horns, taking charge, and getting things done your way. Becoming injured and being in the middle of a personal injury claim can change a business owner who's used to running his company like a roaring lion into a timid kitten. For once, you won't be able to get up and run your own errands and the idea of holding an emergency meeting in the middle of the day has to fall by the wayside while you're busy giving a deposition. Getting involved in a civil personal injury action is a slow and arduous process. You may think your case is about to be settled only to hear from your attorney a few days later and be right back to square one. So, if you own a business, approach your pending personal injury claim in the same way that you'd run your company.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 16 Oct 2017

Five nifty products that will help you increase your workplace safety

Creating a safe working environment should be the topmost priority of every organisation. This way, the safety of the employees, visitors, clients, consultants, inspectors and the likes can be guaranteed.

Issued by Naija Writers’ Coach 9 Oct 2017

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