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Nigeria: the next chapter?

Nigeria presents an interesting tale of seemingly opposites in the African growth agenda. Simultaneously taking pole position as the largest economy in Africa in 2016 and yet suffering from its worst recession in 25 years is indicative of both the ups and downs that the country's economy has been through

By Charles Weller, Issued by Mindshare World 3 days ago

Bulletin warns UK's Brexit process could hit SA banks' balance sheets

South African banks could well feel the effects of Brexit because the UK represents more than a third of their global assets and liabilities

By Hilary Joffe 1 day ago

Here's to rolling on a budget...

It's that time of the year when may you find yourself with more month at the end of your money

Issued by MiWay 1 day ago

Donations and tax

The aim of the article is to alert individuals to donations tax considerations over and above the utilisation of the full R100,000 annual exemption which will inevitably be used to a great degree now that section 7C has been introduced

By Struan Robertson, Issued by Meredith Harington 2 days ago

Five reasons why you should move your business to Dubai

Dubai not only offers great weather and many opportunities for families to grow, but it also offers many businesses from around the world plenty of benefits

Issued by Monetary Library 2 days ago

Demarcation regulations: In whose best interests?

Are the demarcation regulations a means to erode private healthcare ahead of NHI, or is opposition just insurance companies protecting their bottom line?..

3 days ago

The perks of buying QuickBooks

EasyBiz QuickBooks has officially launched QuickPerks, the revolutionised annual subscription service. In keeping with its quick-to-learn, quick-to-use philosophy, QuickPerks will make life easier for QuickBooks users

Issued by QuickBooks 3 days ago

Investigation to throw light on tax refunds

The investigation by the tax ombud into tax refunds will determine whether Sars has been withholding refunds to boost tax revenue artificially

3 days ago

Sars issues rulings on non-executive directors' fees

IThe South African Revenue Service (Sars) has issued Binding General Rulings 40 and 41, which clarify NED fees are subject to PAYE or VAT..

By Graeme Palmer 3 days ago

How Africa's mobile revolution is reaching the unbanked

The continent's mobile banking revolution is only just beginning, and although payment systems are becoming more seamless, cash is still king in Africa

By Nicci Botha 20 Mar 2017

Audit firms unhappy with MAFR decision

Further work needs to be done to understand the effect and consequences of mandatory audit firm rotation that the IRBA has decided on

By Linda Ensor 20 Mar 2017

One stop shop to make doing business easier

Investors have lauded the launch of the Invest South Africa One Stop Shop (InvestSA OSS), saying it will go a long way in easing the way business is done in South Africa

20 Mar 2017

Coal of Africa exec fined, suspended for insider trader

Coal of Africa's COO has been fined R350,000 for insider trading by the FSB) and was subsequently suspended by the company pending an internal investigation

20 Mar 2017

How to day trade

Day trading is hard work. It has the reputation of a get-rich-quick scheme, a fun and web-friendly way to make a living without sitting in some boring, old cube and reporting to a boss you don't like

Issued by Warrior Trading 20 Mar 2017

The race for the payments space

Long the bastion of institutionalism and trust, and therefore fairly resilient to disruption, banks are now in a war of adapt or die

By Nicci Botha 17 Mar 2017

FSB's transition to FSCA shifts focus to customers and efficiency

The switch from FSB to FSCA requires a different mind-set and approach both within and out of the body

By Dube Tshidi 17 Mar 2017

Setting growth projections from your marketing plan

Setting realistic growth projections is one of the most important and challenging aspects of running a business. One of the issues is that future growth rates will be profoundly impacted by your marketing plan. Unfortunately, too many businesses fail to make realistic projections

By Ryan Kh 16 Mar 2017

SA doing well on the entrepreneurship front, report says

South African entrepreneurs have overcome slow GDP growth rate and Big Business competition to produce some of the most successful enterprises on the continent

16 Mar 2017

Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas - ethical leadership and inclusive growth

Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas believes South Africa is at a critical juncture in its history and is in dire need of “remarkable leadership” to lead the country forward

Issued by Gordon Institute of Business Science 16 Mar 2017

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