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Vicinity Media launches Visitability Reporting - Vicinity Media

Today marks the launch of mobile advertising network Vicinity Media's proprietary geo-fencing and audience location technology that allows for real world visit reporting post exposure to a mobile web advertising campaign...

8 hours ago


Spur sales up despite boycott

Restaurant franchiser Spur Corporation reported a marginal increase in sales for the year to 30 June, despite an incident at one of its Spur Steak Ranches...

7 hours ago


Sars cracks down on money leaving the country

While reporting about the Gupta billions leaving the country, the media has totally missed that there's a change in the Sars requirements for tax clearance...

6 hours ago


Orange agrees to back Egyptian tech startups

[Tom Jackson] Global mobile operator Orange has agreed to support and fund Egyptian technology-focused startups to help them transform their ideas into sustainable businesses.

4 hours ago


Speed networking at the Seychelles Roadshow

[Robin Fredericks] We caught up with the director for Africa and America's Seychelles Tourism Board and marketing manager for Alphonse Island at the Seychelles Roadshow, to find out more about MICE services and its positioning within the Seychelles...

8 hours ago


CityVarsity equips students for success - CityVarsity

[Nana Zuke] There are so many unknowns that come with being a student, especially when in the final year of study. However, through the uncertainty and the nerves, one thing is guaranteed, hard work pays off...

15 minutes ago


Allan Gray delivers Group Five shake-up

[Ann Crotty] The eight new non-executive directors who secured appointment to the Group Five board at Monday's extraordinary shareholders' meeting are faced with the immediate prospect of releasing the details of hefty losses notched up by the construction company in the year to June...

6 hours ago


Why REITS are well placed to weather SA's economic, political volatility

According to the South African Real Estate Investment Trust Association (SA REIT), REITs are relatively well-placed to weather the expected market instability following South Africa's downgrade to junk status and the "ongoing political tomfoolery"...

1 day ago


BMW to manufacture electric Mini in Britain

FRANKFURT, Germany: German luxury car manufacturer BMW has announced that it will build a future all-electric version of its Mini in Britain, easing fears that it might move production away after Brexit...

10 hours ago