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25 Jul 2017Writing web pagesCountrywide
25 Jul 2017Coaching the writer withinCountrywide
25 Jul 2017Basics of feature writingCountrywide
25 Jul 2017SA Writers College writing courses for 2017/18Nationwide
25 Jul 2017Web writing and SEOCountrywide
25 Jul 2017Grammar skills for beginnersCountrywide
25 Jul 2017Personal writing coach courseCountrywide
25 Jul 2017DIY Graphic design for non-designersRandburg
25 Jul 2017Monitoring and Evaluation DesignPretoria
26 Jul 2017Social Media Training Courses in Cape TownPanorama
26 Jul 2017Social media marketingRandburg, Johannesburg
26 Jul 2017Writing for social mediaCountrywide
26 Jul 2017Write for travel magazinesCountrywide
26 Jul 2017People Management SkillsJohannesburg
26 Jul 2017
SEO Professional Certification Program
Become a certified SEO professional.
26 Jul 2017Social Media for Marketing CourseJohannesburg
26 Jul 2017Cannes Lions Case Studies 2017Cape Town
27 Jul 2017DevCom's 'How to' School of CommunicationPretoria
27 Jul 2017Write your memoirCountrywide
27 Jul 2017Write a novel courseCountrywide
27 Jul 2017Press release and media writingCountrywide
27 Jul 2017Copywriting for print, digital media and the webCountrywide
27 Jul 2017Marketing to Millennials SeminarJohannesburg
27 Jul 2017The Internet and Social Media Summit 2017Cape Town
27 Jul 2017DevCom How to School Of CommunicationCenturion
28 Jul 2017Writing articles for websites and blogsCountrywide
28 Jul 2017The basics of creative writingCountrywide
28 Jul 2017An introduction to poetryCountrywide
28 Jul 2017FiksiekursusseCountrywide
28 Jul 2017Writing for video gamesCountrywide
28 Jul 2017PRISA PRCC networking session - Cape TownCape Town
28 Jul 2017How to Market Training Programs, Seminars, and Consulting ServicesJohannesburg
28 Jul 2017Business of Sport Breakfast by Ignite Talent LabCape Town
29 Jul 2017Raga EcstasyCape Town
29 Jul 2017The Sixth Education Africa International Marimba and Steelpan FestivalJohannesburg
29 Jul 2017Power Up - Johnny Eliades InternationalJohannesburg
30 Jul 2017Raga EcstasyJohannesburg
31 Jul 2017Copy-editing and proofreadingCountrywide
31 Jul 2017Creative writing coursesCountrywide
31 Jul 2017Grammar for writers - English first languageCountrywide
31 Jul 2017Magazine journalism courseCountrywide
31 Jul 2017
Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management applied to the Management of Innovation
Business management approach and managerial leadership development as applied to the management of innovation.
31 Jul 2017Introduction to Web Design Short CourseDurban, Johannesburg
1 Aug 2017Journo's - writers gymJohannesburg
1 Aug 2017Writing web pagesCountrywide
1 Aug 2017Coaching the writer withinCountrywide
1 Aug 2017Basics of feature writingCountrywide
1 Aug 2017SA Writers College writing courses for 2017/18Nationwide
1 Aug 2017Web writing and SEOCountrywide
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