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The Assegai Awards: rewarding the best in integrated marketing

The DMASA's Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards have been a part of the marketing landscape for almost two decades now and the focus remains on the protection and development of the integrated marketing industry

Issued by Assegai Awards 4 Aug 2017

Unlocking the power of variables in marketing

Creating a marketing plan isn't simple. You have to research and understand the interests of your target customers, tap into current marketing trends and come up with a clever and captivating pitch to sell your products

Issued by Effective Intelligence 3 Aug 2017

Three African markets worst affected by spam calls

Truecaller Insights reveals the top 20 countries affected by spam calls in 2017, including the top three African countries

2 Aug 2017

#StartupStory: Spatialedge

In this week's #StartupStory, we chat to Retief Gerber, CEO of Spatialedge - a geospatial data insights and marketing company

By Ilse van den Berg 28 Jul 2017

Direct sales industry displays growth despite depressed economy

The direct selling industry is one of the few sectors showing growth over the past 18 months

20 Jul 2017

How advertising's ugly duckling has turned into a swan

Despite the bad reputation, there is hardly a business on the planet today that has not adopted some form of direct marketing, writes Bronwyn Williams

By Bronwyn Williams 13 Jul 2017

Popi-proof your direct marketing

Popi need not be a threat to your business, instead it can be seen as a piece of legislation that can be adhered to easily - one which will benefit both consumers and businesses wanting to find the right types of customers

By Gareth Mountain 13 Jul 2017

Do student life better with Absa and coffee

Looking for new ways to target university students across the country, ABSA teamed up with Tag 8 to run coffee cup advertising across campus coffee shops nationwide

Issued by Tag 8 6 Jul 2017

How intelligent digital platforms are transforming marketing and customer service

Imagine if a brand really listened to what we have to say instead of pushing what they want us to hear? Sounds like a far-fetched idea, doesn't it?..

Issued by Effective Intelligence 29 Jun 2017

#CannesLions2017: Direct Lions winners!

The 64th annual Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity hosted the Cannes Direct award ceremony on 20 June 2017

20 Jun 2017

On the Dot customised Jozi tour

On the Dot arranged a customised two-day tour around Johannesburg for one of Bain & Bunkell's clients, IndieFin. The tour included Soweto, Alexandra, Braamfontein, New Town, Johannesburg CBD and Maboneng

Issued by On the Dot 14 Jun 2017

On the Dot working hand-in-hand with Top T

Top T has distributed leaflets to households through OtD Pamphlets division, as well as OtD Multi-Channel Marketing services, doing intersection and taxi rank activations, to entrench their brand amongst their target market

Issued by On the Dot 13 Jun 2017

Free masterclass: Fundamentals to disrupt and delight by activating brand purpose

What if I tell you there are ways for brands to find a way to bring two economies together. I believe brands have the power to unleash something bigger and better than what we have ever envisioned

By Carmen Murray, Issued by Mobitainment 31 May 2017

Is cold calling dead?

I have been asked to give my feedback on whether or not cold calling is dead and my answer is quite simply, NO

By Dave Nemeth 16 May 2017

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Loeries2017: Building the new creative economy at the speed of thought (masterclass)

Thursday, 17 August marked the second annual Loeries Masterclasses featuring industry leaders and experts speaking on a range of topics targeting various audiences within the creative industry.

By Jessica Tennant 1 day ago

Women in Marketing Awards open to South African candidates

South African women in marketing can enter the international Women in Marketing Awards, which has identified a global need to celebrate women in marketing, advertising and communications. Deadline for award entry submissions is midnight Monday, 18 September 2017.

2 days ago

The final frontier of the independent agency

The success of South African agencies in Cannes recently is a reflection of the big talent in the country. Taking this talent and the size of the agencies into account and adding the knowledge and professionalism of South African agencies, it would be logical for the country to be a hub for the rest of the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

By Danette Breitenbach 14 Aug 2017

Boost your brand through rapid response

How quickly and effectively marketers respond and adapt to ongoing consumer feedback is the new determinant of brand performance according to a new survey report, released by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council.

14 Aug 2017

The many hats of the successful inventor

The basis of many a great business is a great invention. New product ideas are fairly easy to conceive, but it takes something else to bring it to market. That's why it's so hard to be a successful inventor. It's not just one job.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 11 Aug 2017

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