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Clicks2Customers rebranded to NMPi as part of global growth strategy

Clicks2Customers has rebranded its local operations to NMPi as the company expands globally

Issued by DQ&A 1 day ago

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DQ&A has a new look and feel!

DQ&A is proud to announce that along with its new corporate identity, the company will be focusing on its digital marketing technology and consultancy services, as well as launching new training and education programmes

Issued by DQ&A 3 days ago

Move aside, TV soapies: Welcome the WhatsApp drama series

We use WhatsApp to send snaps of ourselves trying on outfits in changing rooms to our loved ones and keep neighbours informed of suspicious goings-on. But watching a TV-style drama unfold on the messaging platform? That's new. Here's how Sanlam and agency King James got an innovative series rolling, on a phone near you

By Leigh Andrews 2 hours ago

How Spree is transforming its customer experience through technology

Kinetic Events interviews Sven Schoof, head of customer experience at Spree, on how the online retailer is transforming its customer experience

53 minutes ago

#NewCampaign: Shazam uses storytelling to help South Africans see money differently

Shazam, the app that identifies the music playing around you, recently launched an original action with Nedbank, encouraging people to Shazam local notes to unlock South African stories as part of Nedbank's 'See Money Differently' campaign

By Jessica Tennant 6 hours ago

Kenyan payments solutions firm expands to SA

Direct Pay Online continues Southern Africa expansion with acquisition of PayThru South Africa

3 hours ago

Digital marketing innovation - SA has what it takes

The concept of innovation drives me. I love taking calculated risks. I enjoy doing the associated R&D. Most of all I like to watch it unfold as a campaign

By Stephen Sandmann 23 hours ago

How intelligent digital platforms are transforming marketing and customer service

Imagine if a brand really listened to what we have to say instead of pushing what they want us to hear? Sounds like a far-fetched idea, doesn't it?..

Issued by Effective Intelligence 1 hour ago

More than just ponytails

Designers tell us that a picture is worth a thousand words, which means you're probably getting a lot more mileage out of your overall design than you may realise

Issued by Blue Apple 48 minutes ago

Why experiential marketing is outpacing growth among other marketing channels

Annual EventTrack research confirms that 93% of consumers believe live events are more effective than television advertising - which makes sense in an era where consumers can PVR and fast-forward past adverts

Issued by Isilumko Activate 1 hour ago

T's and C's do not apply

The possessive apostrophe is one of the most misused pieces of punctuation, cropping up everywhere, except where it should be. The most common one seen everywhere is T's and C's apply

By Gwen Watkins, Issued by Freelancers Writing Services 1 hour ago

Rianette Leibowitz announced as PRISA's new Accreditation Committee chairperson

PRISA hosted its annual Accreditation Committee (APR) AGM on 21 June at the PRISA head office, where PRISA President Kavitha Kalicharan, APR, welcomed the new Accreditation Committee chairperson, Rianette Leibowitz, APR

Issued by PRISA 57 minutes ago

The Gathering Media Edition - 3 August, brought to you by Daily Maverick

This conference about media will feature powerful speakers like Pravin Gordhan, Mcebisi Jonas, Jay Naidoo, Branko Brkic, Mark Heywood, Sam Sole, Phumzile van Damme, and a special panel on #GuptaLeaks

Issued by ACME Digital 1 hour ago

Focus on Germany at Durban International Film Festival

This year's Durban International Film Festival (Diff) is set to captivate audiences with a German Focus, which features ten gripping films by some of Germany's finest directors

5 hours ago

Sygic Travel database bursting with 360° travel videos

Through the Sygic Travel database of more than 1,300 travel videos in 360°, travellers can find themselves in the world's most beautiful places

5 hours ago

Catalina launches purchase-based digital coupon solution

Personalised digital media company Catalina is introducing to the US a new purchase-based digital coupon

5 hours ago

Two billion people building communities on Facebook every month

There are 2 billion people coming together on Facebook every month and to celebrate Facebook is launching a new personalised video

6 hours ago

The seven secrets to successful SMS campaigns

This 160-digit marketing starting at R0.17 per SMS with up to 98% open rates offers more opportunities than you might expect

Issued by CM Telecom 3 hours ago

South Africa now part of international Creative Business Cup competition

South Africa launch the Creative Business Cup concept and invite early-stage design businesses, based in Gauteng with good market potential, to take part in the competition

4 hours ago

Research reveals key drivers of sharing economy

A new whitepaper reveals the key drivers of the ever growing sharing economy, outlining the challenges and future opportunities surrounding it

1 day ago

Dan Mace's NXT LVL ad for Vodacom

Egg Films' Dan Mace directed This Is Your Time, Ogilvy's inspiring new ad for Vodacom NXT LVL

Issued by Egg Films 1 day ago

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Africa news

How to avoid the dangers of brand localisation

Four lessons for multinational brands when building brands in Africa, according to Brand Union Africa MD, Mathew Weiss

By Mathew Weiss 3 hours ago

Kenya's Ngugi dumps Swedish book fair over far-right newspaper

Kenyan literary icon Ngugi wa Thiong'o has pulled out of an annual Swedish book fair in protest at the presence of a right-wing extremist newspaper

6 hours ago

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