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Everlytic South Africa
Things get prickly at EverlyticYou've heard and read the story.... "It started in a bar in Fitzroy in 2004, two mates talking about the fashion trends that hadn't returned... and the moustache was one..." 17 Nov 2015 Read more >>
Catch Everlytic at IMCOn November 2 and 3, the IMC Conference will return to Johannesburg for its fifth annual conference in the City of Gold. 26 Oct 2015 Read more >>
Everlytic makes it to the top 10Leading South African email and digital communications solution provider, Everlytic, has been named as one of the top 10 finalists of the 2015 PwC Vision to Reality Awards Competition. 2 Sep 2015 Read more >>
Everlytic nominated for PwC Vision to Reality Awards CompetitionLeading South African email and digital communications solution provider, Everlytic, has been named as one of the Top 20 finalists of the 2015 PwC Vision to Reality Awards Competition. 19 Aug 2015 Read more >>
Everlytic joins the Mandela Day Million Meal ChallengeEverlytic this year showed its support for Mandela Day by joining the Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa Million Meal Challenge. 20 Jul 2015 Read more >>
Everlytic to present leading-edge email marketing research at IMCOn August 3 and 4, marketers are set to hit the Mother City as the IMC Conference returns to Cape Town for a fifth time. 10 Jul 2015 Read more >>
Everlytic inspiresWhat do 170 marketers and Everlytic have in common?

Well, the simple answer to this is email, and more specifically how South Africans interact with marketing emails.
 9 Jun 2015
Email marketers no longer need shoot in the darkLeading South African email and digital communications solution provider Everlytic has revealed the results of two intensive studies into the way that South Africans interact with marketing emails. 29 May 2015 Read more >>
Sam could be the oneEverlytic's Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, Sam Hutchison, could be the one in 2015. 28 May 2015 Read more >>
Come Demystify the Inbox with EverlyticEverlytic MD Walter Penfold will present the findings of the largest research survey ever carried out on how South Africans use email. 22 May 2015 Read more >>
Guide to best performing emailsTo start off the new year we went on the hunt for some real "learning" nuggets from 2014, and we wanted to know Which clients had achieved exceptional success from their 2014 mailers based on two key metrics: 5 Feb 2015 Read more >>
Everlytic ranked third fastest growing technology company on the Deloitte Technology Africa Fast 50 2014Everlytic attributes its 606 percent revenue growth to ground-breaking digital communications software and technological know-how in cloud-based marketing solutions. 8 Dec 2014 Read more >>
Everlytic Kenya
An innovative bank invests in an innovative companyFirstRand's Vumela Enterprise Development Fund has made its sixth investment in online software company, Prefix Technologies, a move which could create over 120 new jobs and enable Prefix to expand in South Africa and other emerging markets. 7 Nov 2013 Read more >>
Everlytic Kenya
Everlytic heads up Social Inbox WorkshopEverlytic will be hosting a workshop for digital marketers, agencies and start-ups to learn more about integrating social media and email marketing. 18 Oct 2013 Read more >>
Everlytic Kenya
Everlytic sponsors Best Email Campaign and Performance Awards at Bookmarks 2013The Bookmarks Awards, endorsed by the Digital Media & Marketing Association (DMMA), is around the corner. 22 Aug 2013 Read more >>
Everlytic Kenya
Everlytic partners with RocketseedSouth Africa's leading email communications companies Everlytic and Rocketseed have joined forces to provide an unrivalled end-to-end solution for all email marketing needs. 13 Aug 2013 Read more >>
Everlytic Kenya
Tales from the trenches: Taking Everlytic to marketTech4Africa, the premier mobile, web and emerging technology event in Africa, will be taking place in Nairobi, at Strathmore iLab & Business School on July 3. Now in its fourth year, the event has become a platform where business and technology combine to bring global perspective to the African context. 25 Jun 2013 Read more >>
Everlytic Kenya
Everlytic becomes a member of M³AAWG, a global network of digital leadersIn November 2012, Everlytic joined the eminent digital organisation, M³AAWG. 29 Jan 2013 Read more >>
Everlytic Kenya
DEMO Africa poised to shake the African tech scene, partners with Everlytic for DEMO 2012A lot has been said about the rise of technological innovation in Africa and many have mooted that the majority of growth in the consumption of tech products and software will come from Africa. Historically, the African tech scene has been fragmented, mainly because of the absence of a continental platform where start-ups could showcase their innovations to global investors. For that reason African tech start-ups never got exposed to sound investment opportunities. Enter DEMO Africa 2012, which aims to connect African start-ups to the global ecosystem. 3 Oct 2012 Read more >>
Everlytic Kenya
Everlytic launches in Kenya, gets set to raise the barJohannesburg-based Email & SMS Marketing software provider, Everlytic, has launched in Kenya, the heartland of Africa's technology innovation. As part of its expansion into emerging markets, the company recently unveiled its Kenyan website Everlytic is set to establish itself as the ultimate platform for sharing content via email and social media in Kenya. 26 Sep 2012 Read more >>
Everlytic launches version 6.0!Everlytic is proud to announce the launch of version 6.0. Things move at a rapid pace at Everlytic and we are constantly improving our product to give you a better user experience. 24 Jul 2012 Read more >>
pMailer is now EverlyticWe are reinventing ourselves! We have changed our name from pMailer to Everlytic. Over the years our product has evolved beyond just basic list management. We see our product, Everlytic, as a unified platform for sharing content via email, mobile and social media with powerful analytics. The name Everlytic is derived from our philosophy of being an ever evolving product that is always there for you and our powerful analytics that enable you to keep an eye on the bottom line, your campaigns' return on investment. 26 Jun 2012 Read more >>
pMailer upgrade - get your content connected in more ways than oneWelcome to version 5.2. Over 36 feature improvements enabled and 48 bugs resolved. 24 May 2012 Read more >>
Use digital channels to reach the 2012 consumerAnyone who is in business is aware that we are operating in a uniquely-challenging environment. Our current sources of stress include the sustained financial crunch, the unstoppable and technology-driven globalisation of business and society and the growing importance of emerging economies. All these factors have conspired to create something of a "perfect storm", especially when it comes to consumer expectations and behaviour. 7 Feb 2012 Read more >>
In 2012, commercial mail is more mobile and across channelsThe first quarter of the year is traditionally when predictions are made that will set the tone for what happens in the remaining quarters. 20 Jan 2012 Read more >>
Prefix Technologies Partners with Return Path to Increase Clients' Email Deliverability and Optimise Campaign Response 30 Nov 2011 Read more >>
The Tech4Africa conference first took place in 2010. Founder Gareth Knight said at the time that the aim was to invite the best practitioners in Africa and the world "to provide inspiration, guidance, case studies, success stories and ultimately experience so that Africans don't need to travel the world to gain this understanding and exposure". 23 Nov 2011 Read more >>
Prefix Technologies has launched the latest version of its industry-leading and award-winning email and SMS messaging platform, pMailer version 5. 21 Nov 2011 Read more >>
The judges at the highly anticipated Bookmarks Awards recognised pMailer by Prefix Technologies as one of the industry's best technologies at an awards function held in Cape Town last week. 14 Nov 2011 Read more >>
Prefix Technologies has made it through to the finals of this year's Bookmarks Awards in two categories. The firm's pMailer software has been nominated a finalist in the Applications and Tools category while company co-founder Josh Adler is a finalist in the Best Individual Contribution category. 9 Nov 2011 Read more >>
Company websites are playing an increasing role in the marketing mix. They are no longer simply digital brochures, but rather fully-fledged vehicles for interacting with customers. As such, they generate valuable customer information which can then be used to build long-lasting customer relationships. 26 Oct 2011 Read more >>
Prefix Technologies is proud to be one of the technology sponsors for Tech4Africa, the premier mobile, Web and emerging technology conference to be held at The Forum in Gauteng on 27-28 October 2011. 17 Oct 2011 Read more >>
The resignation of Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple, the company he founded in 1976 with Steve Wozniak, made headlines way beyond the technology community. Under Jobs' guidance, Apple became the world's most valuable technology company and even, for a time, the most valuable in the United States. 22 Sep 2011 Read more >>
pMailer, South Africa's leading bulk email and SMS marketing platform, has announced it will be the Ring sponsor of Digital Edge Live's upcoming Title Fight event in Cape Town on 14 October 2011, at the Dragon Power Arena in Cape Town. 20 Sep 2011 Read more >>
Prefix Technologies has announced that it will supply its industry-leading bulk email software, pMailer, free to all schools. The aim of the campaign is to contribute to positive social change by helping the educational sector utilise technology to be more efficient. 20 Sep 2011 Read more >>
With a claimed 2.7% of the Web running on Joomla! Software, the open source content management system has become a major force in Web development. It's particularly well represented within government, with 2 821 government websites worldwide using Joomla! 31 Aug 2011 Read more >>
Technology should be used for social transformationI have always been of the opinion that nothing should be invented just for the sake of its novelty value, except art. In the case of technology I have always been of the assertion that you should be able to monetise whatever technology or platform you invent. It just makes business sense considering how much you can potentially spend on research and development. 19 Aug 2011 Read more >>
The recently promulgated Consumer Protection Act (CPA) expects a commitment to transparent dealings with consumers. That was the key message delivered to an audience primarily comprised of the marketing fraternity at Friday's (22 July 2011) "E-mail/SMS marketing and the law" seminar. 29 Jul 2011 Read more >>
There is no "I did not know" provision in the Consumer Protection Act!The Consumer Protection Act is a piece of legislation that will no doubt change the way business will be conducted in South Africa in the future. As much as everybody across the different industries acknowledges this fact, the CPA is a generic piece of legislation that will affect different industries in varying degrees. 7 Jul 2011 Read more >>
Ndalo Media emerges with slicker websites and a highly evolved editorial processNdalo Media has teamed up with Prefix Technologies and Prezence Digital to give its popular online publications and a fresh, slick makeover. 3 Jun 2011 Read more >>
Shape magazine achieved 78% record read rateThe Client

Shape is the top-selling health and wellness magazine in South Africa. Shape's editorial mission is to help women make the most of themselves and get the most out of life by providing well-researched and informative encouragement for a healthy and balanced way of living.
 19 May 2011
pMailer announces free email newsletters for all SA schoolsThe pMailer Education Project will give schools across the country access to free email marketing and communication tools. Millions of email credits have been donated to the project by pMailer parent company, Prefix Technologies, to ensure any school in South Africa is able to send newsletters to parents and alumni. 4 Apr 2011 Read more >>
pMailer version 4.4 releasedThe pMailer upgrade took place over the weekend of the 26th of February 2011, with Prefix Technologies releasing pMailer version 4.4. pMailer is one of the leading Email and SMS marketing platforms in South Africa, precisely due to constant product innovations and enhancements. 3 Mar 2011 Read more >>
pMailer announces geo-location reportingHow well do businesses know their subscribers? Do they know who is reading their email communications? Do they know where their subscribers are located that are reading their email communications? pMailer, a leading South African web-based email and SMS solution enabling businesses to easily send and track their marketing communications recently launched pMailer version 4. The launch of pMailer version 4 comes with exciting new features such as geo-location reporting. 25 Nov 2010 Read more >>
pMailer launches SMSDelivering content through the recipients medium of choice has become one of the top priorities when one is communicating your message, however as technology and markets are constantly changing we need to ensure that we are delivering content on the receivers platform of choice. pMailer, a leading South African web-based email marketing solution enabling businesses to easily send and track their email marketing communications, has just extended its product offering by launching SMS! 9 Nov 2010 Read more >>
Preditor UGC module releasedToday we released our UGC framework, which puts a different spin on the notion of community driven content for publishers. Rather than a "leave-it-alone" attitude, Preditor's UGC framework brings any content from the community into the editorial workflow for optional moderation based on a set of rules. 24 Jun 2010 Read more >>
Essential Email Marketing Law SeminarSending newsletters or promotional emails? Unsure if the way you're adding subscribers is above board? Confused by double vs single opt-in? USA's CAN-SPAM vs our own SA laws? Chetty Law presents: 'The Email Marketing Law Seminar', where they draw a spotlight on the legal issues for this growing area of the digital landscape in an easy to understand and practical way. 10 Jun 2010 Read more >>
pMailer has made its footprint in South Africa as a leading email marketing and delivery platform. After making a decision to rebuild the platform in 2009, the all-new product version was released earlier this year. Not only has this enabled the business and clients in entirely new ways, it also positions pMailer in a whole different league - one that makes competing globally in this competitive market possible. 1 Jun 2010 Read more >>
South Africa's largest music industry portal, Music Industry Online ( has expanded its reach and accessibility with the launch of its mobi site. 7 May 2010 Read more >>
Email marketing - even in times of recession it remained a top investment priority for 2009 with 65% of the sampled companies planning to spend on the medium. This was behind search marketing and above social marketing, according ReadWriteWeb. Email marketing campaigns enable many companies to drive revenue growth, assuming their campaigns are run effectively. Importantly, part of knowing whether your campaigns are effective requires well rounded insights into your statistics. 2 Sep 2009 Read more >>
With our energies firmly focused on serving South Africa's traditional media as they pursue a convergence strategy, we have been taking a pragmatic approach to the social media trends in the market. Monetisation of publishing effort is key, and its hard to see through the haze these days. That said, it's phenomenal how social platforms just explode in user numbers. According to Nielsen Online, Twitter was the fastest growing web brand in May 2009 with 1,448% year-on-year growth. The figures went from 1.2 million unique browsers in 2008 compared to 18.2 million at present. 24 Aug 2009 Read more >>
Prefix founders return from India as “Endeavor Entrepreneurs” with plans for global growthPrefix Technologies founders Sam Hutchinson (Chief Architect) and Josh Adler (CEO) returned from this weekend's International Selection Panel in New Delhi, India, as the most recent entrepreneurs selected for the globally admired Endeavor Network. 12 Mar 2009 Read more >>
Always on the lookout to strengthen the way content is created, managed and stored, Prefix technologies is proud to announce several significant updates to the Preditor Content Management Suite. 16 Feb 2009 Read more >>
A new Seventeen magazine website has been launched and ushers in a new era for publisher 8 Ink Media's digital strategy. A year ago, the company decided to procure and invest in Prefix Technologies' proven software platform - Preditor CMS for Publishers. 13 Aug 2008 Read more >>
Prefix Technologies, the leading software solutions provider to the publishing sector, has announced its sponsorship of the upcoming “Advancing Web 2.0 for Traditional Media” conference. The event will take place on 14 August 2008 at the Wanders Club in Johannesburg. 12 Aug 2008 Read more >>
Prefix Technologies are excited to announce the next release of Preditor, the enterprise CMS for publishers. The solution is currently taking the South African publishing market by storm and our release schedule has been brought forward to enable us to meet growing scalability and feature demands from new customers. 25 Jun 2008 Read more >>
We received the most amazing news today. According to Nielsen Online, the official agency of the Online Publishers Association tasked to measure online traffic and usage, the fastest growing websites in South Africa belong to our client, Creamer Media. Further, all three are powered by Preditor, the enterprise CMS framework for the publishing industry from Prefix Technologies. 9 May 2008 Read more >>
Prefix Technologies has relaunched for Creamer Media with the latest version of Preditor - the CMS for publishers. It is a portal that is truly world-class in the experience it delivers to a hungry news audience. A complete redesign, enhanced multimedia offering and truly informed and up-to-the-minute content has been combined to put a strong stake in the ground as the world's top mining news resource. 22 Apr 2008 Read more >>
Preditor CMS, the CMS framework for the publishing industry, has received its next major update with the release of version 1.5. The release focuses on syndication, tighter Adobe InDesign integration and enhanced web-rendering capabilities. For Preditor customers, the release allows them to further optimise revenue potential and increase workflow efficiencies across all three distribution channels – print, web and mobile. 15 Apr 2008 Read more >>
Email marketing in South Africa is gaining significant grounds. As one of the leading providers of bulk-mail delivery solutions in the country, Prefix Technologies' pMailer service has recently launched a new customer service area and advice centre to benefit the community at large at 26 Oct 2007 Read more >>
If you haven't heard yet, Microsoft has decided to use Microsoft Word (and not Internet Explorer) as the rendering engine for the way your subscribers see emails in Outlook 2007. 30 Sep 2007 Read more >>
A local software company has identified and responded to a clear need within the South African media industry. In a sector that is dealing with increasing consolidation and convergence, publishers need to get information to readers in print, online and via mobile in an affordable manner. 16 Mar 2007 Read more >>