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The producers' wrap: 7Films

I spoke to some of the people responsible for SA's recent One Show-winning work, behind the scenes. Next up is 7Films

By Leigh Andrews 1 hour ago

#BehindtheSelfie with... Andy Taoushiani

This week we find out what's really going on behind the selfie with Andy Taoushiani, head of Artifact Advertising

By Leigh Andrews 3 hours ago

Pendoring Prestige Award winner revels in her Texan adventure

Two-time Pendoring Prestige Award winner Dominique Swiegers, King James copywriter, describes her learning experience at the SXSW film and music festival in Texas earlier this year

Issued by Pendoring 4 hours ago

Dot Network: SA's most extensive data activation platform

Amorphous Stride's Dot Network helps marketers understand the unique behaviour and needs of an audience and how to use that info to reach them in a highly specific and effective way

Issued by Amorphous 4 hours ago

LIA updates - regional ‘Of the Year' awards now launched

LIA has introduced regional ‘Of the Year' awards, in addition to its global ‘Of the Year' awards and regions include, Oceana (Australia and New Zealand), Asia, Europe, Middle East/Africa, North America and South America

6 hours ago

Top winner at New York Festivals International Advertising Awards is Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

‘Meet Graham', from Clemenger BBDO Melbourne's Public Service Announcement for client Transport Accident Commission Victoria was awarded the 2017 ‘Best of Show Award' at the New York Festivals International Advertising Awards

6 hours ago

Gen X: How to get the generation right (part 3)

Based on Viacom's extensive research on Generation X, how should brands, advertisers, marketers and media companies alike re-evaluate the way they represent this group of consumers?

By Jessica Tennant 6 hours ago

US heads country ranking in annual D&AD rankings

For the first time the US came out in front in terms of D&AD country rankings, with the UK and Australia taking the next consecutive spots

7 hours ago

The producers' wrap: Ryan McManus of Native VML

I spoke to some of the people responsible for SA's recent One Show-winning work, behind the scenes. Next up is Ryan McManus of Native VML

By Leigh Andrews 1 day ago

Gen X: Decluttering misconceptions about what it means to be an adult in 2017 (part 2)

While the world was focusing on Millennials and Baby Boomers, Gen X were quietly reinventing what it means to be an adult today

By Jessica Tennant 1 day ago

#OrchidsandOnions: When there's no getting over that rainbow, a dog will still love you...

I was reading something the other day about being bullied in the workplace. It happened to me over a period of years and I had no option - because my family was young and we needed the money - but to stick it out. But it ate into my soul and left me feeling demeaned and worthless at times

By Brendan Seery 1 day ago

The moment... you can have your beer and drink it too

The moment for NABLABs to go mainstream is upon us, the question is: can brands sell bottles without the booze and the stigma?

By Chris Knibbs, Issued by Kantar TNS 1 day ago

If vernacular advertising performs well, the results cannot be ignored

“Afrikaans and indigenous advertising are increasingly under pressure owing to globalisation. It can only survive if it sets creative standards that other people would want to emulate," so says Henriette Loubser, newly-appointed editor of Netwerk24

Issued by Pendoring 1 day ago

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LIA announces Production & Post-Production and Music Video jury

LIA has announced the members of the Production & Post-Production and Music Video jury, headed up by Michael Ritchie, MD and executive producer at Revolver/Will O'Rourke.

2 days ago

How 'dark genius' Ailes reshaped US television news

NEW YORK - Championed by conservatives as a visionary, reviled by liberals as a menace, Fox News founder Roger Ailes re-shaped US television news and helped to craft a conservative populism that ultimately gave rise to Donald Trump.

19 May 2017

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