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Ilse van den Berg

Group Editor
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Ilse is a group editor at She is the former editor for Marketing & Media Africa (@Biz_Africa) at and is also a contributing writer. In her spare time, she also does some freelance writing and editing. She is a lover of words, travel and all things digital. Email her at or find her on Twitter and Instagram.
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#CSIMonth: Leaving a legacy of good

Natasha Reuben, head of transformation at Dell tells us more about the 2020 Legacy of Good plan and how the company is making a difference through technology

By Ilse van den Berg 1 day ago

#CSIMonth: 15 years of Cannonball Run for QuadPara Association of SA

The Round Table Cannonball Run has raised over R3m for charity over the past 15 years. Ross Crichton from Super Car Lifestyle and founder of the event tells us more about the rally and the cause

By Ilse van den Berg 20 Jul 2017

#StartupStory: Abe AI

We interview Rob Guilfoyle, founder of Abe AI which designs artificial intelligence solutions for the banking industry

By Ilse van den Berg 19 Jul 2017

Accenture simplifies cloud migration in sub-Saharan Africa

At the recent Amazon Web Services summit, I had the chance to chat to Kabelo Makwane, managing director for Cloud First business at Accenture in sub-Saharan Africa about the Accenture Cloud Platform

By Ilse van den Berg 17 Jul 2017

What's in a chassis?

When it comes to cars, it's easy to be fooled by looks and ads. Unfortunately, especially when you're a woman. Don't get me wrong, I know there are many knowledgeable women out there who can make men blush with their suspension- and engine-talk

By Ilse van den Berg 13 Jul 2017

#StartupStory: The Sun Exchange

Through The Sun Exchange, anyone can go solar and start building wealth powered by sunlight. It allows for collaborative solar finance using blockchain

By Ilse van den Berg 11 Jul 2017

ParkFind app solves Cape Town's parking woes

NEWSWATCH: If you've tried to find a parking spot in Cape Town's CBD on a um, ever; you'll know full well that it can lead to your not-so-pretty self making an appearance

By Ilse van den Berg 7 Jul 2017

#StartupStory: eCOIDA

eCOIDA is not a 'startup' in the obvious sense of the word. A division of an 18-year-old company, we find out how the Barclays Accelerator is helping it to venture into the short-term insurance industry

By Ilse van den Berg 6 Jul 2017

Global cyberattack source, motives unfold

NEWSWATCH: Following the global cyberattack that affected thousands of businesses last week, reports say it might not have been in an attempt to get money, and Ukraine says it's Russia that's behind it all

By Ilse van den Berg 3 Jul 2017

#YouthMonth: Economy to be powered by human creativity expressed in code

codeX Coding Academy is an initiative that aims to boost the number of software developers entering our economy each year. Cara Turner, chief operating officer of codeX Coding Academy tells us more

By Ilse van den Berg 30 Jun 2017

New global ransomware attack disrupts thousands of companies

NEWSWATCH: This week saw another global ransomware attack spread across the globe affecting big companies such as WPP, Maersk, and FedEx, among many others

By Ilse van den Berg 30 Jun 2017

#StartupStory: KapitalWise

KapitalWise uses predictive analytics to analyse your accounts and move extra cash towards your investment goals. In a nutshell, it automates savings and investing

By Ilse van den Berg 27 Jun 2017

#YouthMonth: How the software industry can help combat youth unemployment

We chat to Gareth Hawkey, the CEO of redPanda Software, to get some insight on the role the software industry can play in combating youth unemployment in South Africa

By Ilse van den Berg 27 Jun 2017

#YouthMonth: The power of mentorship in skills development

In light of #YouthMonth, we had a chat with Engen's Paul Leask and Savtec's Hennie Richter about the Engen Engine Restoration Challenge 2017 and how it impacts the youth of South Africa

By Ilse van den Berg 21 Jun 2017

#SocialMediaBlackout pressures network providers to lower data costs

NEWSWATCH: Today, Wednesday, 21 June 2017, South Africans were encouraged to join the #SocialMediaBlackout campaign

By Ilse van den Berg 21 Jun 2017

McLaren to ditch Honda for Mercedes?

NEWSWATCH: According to various recent reports, McLaren might ditch Honda engines and switch to Mercedes for the next Formula One season

By Ilse van den Berg 20 Jun 2017

#StartupStory: Flexpay

In the #StartupStory spotlight this week is Flexpay: a product created in response to the high demand in the market for purchasing goods via piecemeal payments

By Ilse van den Berg 19 Jun 2017

#StartupStory: Avenews-GT

All the way from Israel to Cape Town, our second Barclays Accelerator 2017 Africa #StartupStory is that of Avenews-GT - a digital trading platform based on blockchain technology aiming to modernise agricultural trade

By Ilse van den Berg 8 Jun 2017

#YouthMonth: The youth of South Africa is alive with possibility

Rendani Nevhulaudzi (28) is the MD of J├Âren Communications, a technology company supplying ICT services. We find out more about his business and how he is providing employment to young people

By Ilse van den Berg 7 Jun 2017

Petrol price drops 25c/l in June

NEWSWATCH: South Africans are sighing with relief as the petrol price drops with 25 cents a litre as of Wednesday, 7 June 2017, thanks to a drop in oil prices in the international market

By Ilse van den Berg 6 Jun 2017

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