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Ilse van den Berg ICT, Automotive, Logistics Editor
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Ilse is the ICT, Automotive, and Logistics editor at She is the former editor for Marketing & Media Africa (@Biz_Africa) at and is also a contributing writer. In her spare time, she also does some freelance writing and editing. She is a lover of words, travel and all things digital. Email her at or find her on Twitter and Instagram.
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Current employment

Group Editor | IT | Automotive | Logistics
Present - Cape Town


Editor: Marketing & Media Africa
1 Jul 2013 - 1 Jan 2015
Deputy Editor
1 Nov 2012 - 1 Jul 2013 - Cape Town
Editorial Assistant
1 Aug 2011 - 1 Nov 2012


BA Comms & Media Studies
Year completed:2009
Education level:Degree
Institution:North West University
Internet Marketing
Year completed:2010
Education level:Certificate
Location:Cape Town
Search Engine Optimisation
Year completed:2014
Education level:Certificate
Location:Cape Town
Italian Language Certification
Year completed:2015
Education level:Certificate
Institution:Corsi di Lingue/University for Foreigners Perugia
Location:Varese, Italy
How streets can help bridge social and spatial divides

I recently had a very inspiring conversation with Marcela Guerrero Casas, co-founder and MD of Open Streets Cape Town about the power of streets and its ability to bridge social and spatial divides

By Ilse van den Berg 3 days ago

#AfricaMonth: The African opportunity in front of you

We chat to Philip and Malan Joubert, founders of OfferZen as well as a number of noteworthy apps such as SnapScan, Pondering Panda, and Apps Against Ebola

By Ilse van den Berg 24 May 2017

A blast from the past with Datsun

In addition to giving the Datsun GO a go on our media trip at Nampo last week, we also stopped over at an unassuming brick building in Bothaville. Parked outside were teasers of the magic and nostalgia we would find inside

By Ilse van den Berg 22 May 2017

Major GM South Africa announcement

General Motors has announced that it is transforming its business globally. For SA, this means the phasing out of the manufacturing and sales of Chevrolet vehicles [video]

By Ilse van den Berg 18 May 2017

24 hours of Nissan and Datsun in the Free State

Nampo is not a word unfamiliar to me. As a student at NWU, my friends and I used to frequent this (then not-so-big) agri festival almost every year, funnily enough.

By Ilse van den Berg 17 May 2017

#AfricaMonth: The fast-growing, untapped African car market

In light of the recent study, Game-changing Automotive Policy Developments in Africa, we chat to Ryan Bax, senior industry analyst for mobility and automotive at Frost & Sullivan, to find out more about the fast-growing, untapped African car market

By Ilse van den Berg 11 May 2017

Cape Town to get five new MyCiTi corridor routes

NEWSWATCH: The green light has been given to start the rollout of five new MyCiTi corridor routes across the city of Cape Town

By Ilse van den Berg 4 May 2017

Ridesharing easing traffic congestion in Cape Town

If you've ever found yourself behind a steering wheel during peak times, you'll probably agree that urban mobility requires drastic change across our country

By Ilse van den Berg 2 May 2017

Turkish F1 to return? Turkish president, F1 CEO meet

NEWSWATCH: Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has met with Formula One CEO, Chase Carey, as the country plans to bring Formula One races back to Istanbul Park

By Ilse van den Berg 12 Apr 2017

Nationwide bus strike underway

NEWSWATCH: Chaos is underway as a nationwide bus strike kicks off today across South Africa. About 25,000 bus drivers are on an indefinite strike from today, Wednesday, 12 April 2017, following the collapse of wage negotiations

By Ilse van den Berg 12 Apr 2017

Tesla now worth more than 100-year-old Ford

NEWSWATCH: Last week saw Elon Musk's clean transportation and power company, Tesla, reach $298.56 in Nasdaq trading (a 7.3% increase)

By Ilse van den Berg 4 Apr 2017

#BrandManagerMonth: Francesca Berta on CarZar disrupting the auto-trade industry

We recently chatted to Francesca Berta, CMO of tech startup, CarZar, which aims to streamline the often onerous task of buying or selling a second-hand car

By Ilse van den Berg 29 Mar 2017

Ferrari finally takes Gold again

NEWSWATCH: For the first time in four seasons, Ferrari took home Gold at Sunday's Australian Grand Prix

By Ilse van den Berg 28 Mar 2017

Hackers threaten to reset iCloud accounts, wipe devices

NEWSWATCH: It seems Apple is under a hacking attack Not only by the CIA but, most recently, by a hacker group called Turkish Crime Family which is threatening to reset iCloud accounts and remotely wipe iPhones

By Ilse van den Berg 27 Mar 2017

WikiLeaks unveils how Apple products have been hacked for years

NEWSWATCH: 23 March 2017 saw the release of WikiLeaks' Vault 7 "Dark Matter", a cache of documents which explains the techniques used by the CIA to gain 'persistence' on Apple Mac devices

By Ilse van den Berg 24 Mar 2017

#BrandManagerMonth: Building a new brand in SA

I often wonder how I managed before Uber came waltzing into my life, solving the parking issue I so often have when in town, simplifying short distance travel and even pickups from the airport. But what about longer distances?

By Ilse van den Berg 23 Mar 2017

The #AllNewNavara is all that and more

As an owner of a 1.4 very lady-like hatchback vehicle, spending some time dashing over dunes and grazing over gravel roads is quite the treat, you can imagine

By Ilse van den Berg 22 Mar 2017

#BrandManagerMonth: Dell's Doug Woolley on managing a multinational at a local level

At the recent Dell EMC Forum, I had the opportunity to chat to Doug Woolley about his ups and downs, challenges and experiences as South African general manager for the Dell EMC brand

By Ilse van den Berg 21 Mar 2017

Intel, Mobileye deal to make Israel autonomous tech hub

NEWSWATCH: Intel is buying Israeli autonomous vehicle technology firm Mobileye for an estimated $15 billion

By Ilse van den Berg 15 Mar 2017

The workplace is transforming, is your workforce future-ready?

In the first session of the workforce transformation breakout session at the Dell EMC Forum, Chris Buchanan, director of Client Solutions at Dell EMC covered the topic of the future-ready workforce

By Ilse van den Berg 13 Mar 2017

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