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Chris Brewer

Advertising Analyst/Consultant
Location:South Africa


Having joined the ad industry in London, Chris Brewer spent most of his career in media analysis and planning - but has performed just about every advertising task from Creative to Research.

He's an honorary lifetime member of the Advertising Media Association and regularly advises agencies and clients regarding their media plan costs and strategies. He is also often asked to talk at industry functions.

Email: . Twitter: @brewersapps. Read his blog:
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Current employment

The king is dead, long live the king!

Well, the AMPS funeral is over and several concerned bodies are making progress on instituting something with which to replace it

By Chris Brewer 20 Mar 2017

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely

This was the phrase used by Lord Acton in 1887 (John Emerich Edward Dalberg, first Baron Acton – which explains why most people refer to him simply as “Lord Acton”)

By Chris Brewer 6 Mar 2017

Is your brain doing what you think it's doing?

I'm never quite sure what to expect at conferences and seminars. I must have been to hundreds, possibly thousands, during my career and by and large they're ho-hum affairs

By Chris Brewer 20 Feb 2017

What's your number?

I once heard a marketing consultant advise a moaning supermarket owner, who felt he just had to cut costs dramatically. He said: “Turn your lights off – that will reduce your overheads by a massive percentage. Of course, you'll have no customers, but that's the (very) short-term solution”

By Chris Brewer 6 Feb 2017

“Space and calmness” – is that your market?

I think it's a fair assumption to make that writers (rather like media planners) should know what their target market and/or readers is/are

By Chris Brewer 23 Jan 2017

Where have all the papers gone?

One thing about newspapers during the holidays is, why are they so thin - with fewer editions

By Chris Brewer 9 Jan 2017

The swing of pernicious media influence

I'm getting seriously worried about the changing media in South Africa (and throughout the world, for that matter)

By Chris Brewer 5 Dec 2016

Why do they keep getting it wrong?

With all the excitement going on recently, I got to wondering about polls and why they're so wrong

By Chris Brewer 21 Nov 2016

Who owns whom?

My team at Brewers Data Services and I spend most of our time tracking which agency has which client, which people work at advertisers' companies and what media is best to reach a given audience

By Chris Brewer 7 Nov 2016

Much-loved adman dies

Howard ("Sam") T. Huxham died last week of heart failure. He was 78 years old

By Chris Brewer 2 Nov 2016

Groping in the dark

There is a good reason why the ad industry has a poor understanding of social media and the way consumers interact with the internet. It's called "high-speed technology advancement"

By Chris Brewer 24 Oct 2016

So now what?

Over the last few weeks, I've been going through the basics of how to create a good (hopefully great) advertising campaign. If you've been reading them all, I hope that if you're already in the business, it will have reminded you of some of the basics

By Chris Brewer 15 Aug 2016

Listen to the music

Most advertisements can be improved with judicious use of music. (Clearly not print - not yet, at least)

By Chris Brewer 8 Aug 2016

The radio commercial

South Africa hasn't always performed well in terms of quality of radio advertising

By Chris Brewer 1 Aug 2016

How long should a TV commercial be?

It still amazes me that so many TV (and radio) commercials are 30 seconds long

By Chris Brewer 25 Jul 2016

How to create high impact advertising

Over the past few articles (more than 50 in fact) we have discussed various ways of how to develop and create good advertising. If you haven't read them all then you should consider doing so now

By Chris Brewer 18 Jul 2016

Writing good advertising copy (Part 6)

What does your advertising 'say'?

By Chris Brewer 11 Jul 2016

Writing good advertising copy (Part 5)

Consumers have their own language: I don't necessarily mean speech

By Chris Brewer 4 Jul 2016

Writing good advertising copy (Part 4)

Last week we covered using simple language, humour, how not to 'knock copy', as well as being honest and credible

By Chris Brewer 27 Jun 2016

Writing good advertising copy (Part 3)

This week we're going to continue to remind ourselves of what kinds of advertising copy works better than others. You may very well know all this, but being reminded of the basics every now and then is good for the soul

By Chris Brewer 20 Jun 2016

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