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An interview in 10 seconds?

We know that first impressions count. When it comes to interviews the stakes are even higher

Issued by CareerJunction 7 hours ago

Treasury rejects claims of calamitous job losses from sugar tax

Treasury has rejected claims of calamitous job losses resulting from the imposition of a health promotion levy

By Linda Ensor 7 hours ago

Research indicates more innovation needed in South Africa

A new report, ‘Unicorns, Gazelles & Leapfrogs: Fast-tracking the South African startup ecosystem' identifies some ways that South Africa's hotshot startups can catapult themselves forward

1 day ago

Tourism industry offers hope for SA's unemployed youth

While many see it as a space for tour guides or front-of-house hotel workers, it now encompasses a variety of career options including opportunities for advertising, marketing and design, financial management, IT and tech and more

1 day ago

Start viewing your enterprise technology the way millennials do

25 years ago, I went to work for the first time with a hand-held device in my hand: a Casio calculator. I thought I was the man. Today, the new generation of workers often have a better grasp of technology than senior management

By Steve Tzikakis 1 day ago

PAs win job rights

The Labour Court has found in favour of 17 judges' secretaries who challenged the Office of the Chief Justice about their uncertain employment status, declaring that they are permanently employed

1 day ago

Employee Wellness Month: Benefits more important than bucks

Employees are increasingly seeking customised benefits to suit their unique needs

Issued by Ackermans 1 day ago

Opening up international markets for clothing and textile manufacturers

I am often asked what it is that prevents clothing and textile manufacturers from breaking into the international market. There are several answers to that question

By Christian Gerling 2 days ago

Are SA women ‘not ready' for leadership positions?

Industry leaders claim many female employees are not ready for top company jobs - but smart employers know that investing in finding ways to support women is good for morale and the bottom line

Issued by UCT Graduate School of Business 3 days ago

More Cape Town schools to get Entrepreneur Societies

The SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation will be expanding its rollout of Entrepreneur Societies to more high schools across Cape Town this year

3 days ago

How SA businesses can rebuild trust

Trust is an essential component of running a business in South Africa, and indeed, across the rest of the world. A business that is mistrusted is a business that customers aren't likely to patronise

By Gary Turner 3 days ago

Why 90% of innovation initiatives fail in well-managed organisations

Jac Spies, Chief Advisor at Praesignis, discusses innovation investments, why they fail, and how to beat innovation failures - in the first of this three-part insight series

Issued by Praesignis 3 days ago

Technology and learning

There are various options available when it comes to training employees. Here's a short analysis of the differences between training options and how they can affect a company or business

Issued by eStudy 3 days ago

Vodacom appoints Jabu Moleketi as chairman

Vodacom has appointed former deputy finance minister Jabu Moleketi as its new chairman, replacing Peter Moyo who gave notice in April

18 Jun 2017

Harnessing the skills of the future

Whitney Houston perhaps summed it up best when she crooned about the children being our future

By Sharon Piehl 16 Jun 2017

'Aggrieved' Motsoeneng to challenge axing by SABC

Former SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng intends to challenge the outcome of a disciplinary inquiry that resulted in his being booted out of the SABC

15 Jun 2017

Old Mutual funding helps PYDA bring skilled youth into the WC wine industry

Old Mutual Foundation invested development funding with the Pinotage Youth Development Academy which saw 23 students graduating from the PYDA class of 2017

15 Jun 2017

Pitfall in using arbitration in labour disputes

The recent case of Sampson v South African Post Office serves as a cautionary tale for employers and highlights one of the pitfalls of using the process of inquiry by an arbitrator, in terms of s188A of the Labour Relations Act

By Jose Jorge and Steven Adams 15 Jun 2017

Launch of interactive online tool to track young people's wellbeing

In celebration of Youth Day, UCT researchers at the Poverty and Inequality Initiative (PII) are launching an interactive online tool, Youth Explorer, that provides a range of information on the status and wellbeing of South Africa's young people

15 Jun 2017

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Is small business health insurance for employees a necessity?

Statistics show that 20 percent of the small businesses do not know what health benefits should be offered to employees. This is a shame since health insurance should always be a top priority for every single company out there. Even if you just hire employees for seemingly safe jobs like with Book Taxi Paris you have to offer something that makes working for your company as attractive as possible.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 12 Jun 2017

Four steps to take when your employee is arrested for a crime

Imagine sitting in your office thinking of creative ways you can increase your company's profits and you get a phone call (or just sipping your morning coffee at work and the headline pops up): your employee has just been arrested.

Issued by Naija Writers’ Coach 29 May 2017

Twitter shares rise on word of Biz Stone's return

SAN FRANCISCO - Twitter shares gained Tuesday on word that co-founder Biz Stone was returning to the social network after six years away.

18 May 2017

Jonathan Lun wins SingularityU's Southern Africa Global Impact Challenge

Last week saw Jonathan Lun win the judges' vote at the final pitch event for the 2017 SingularityU (SU) Southern Africa Global Impact Challenge (GIC).

By Jessica Tennant 16 May 2017

A guide to expertly mastering negotiation in five simple steps

If perfected, the art of negotiation will bring significant benefits in the workplace and help to achieve optimum results. It's a skill that will improve and develop the output of micro and macro projects, help with coming to proposal and budget agreements with prospective clients, and provide confidence when requesting a pay rise.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 15 May 2017

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