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26 Jun 2017Short Course in Internal AuditingPretoria
27 Jun 2017Power of Persuasion Presentation seriesJohannesburg
27 Jun 2017Academics and CFOs close in on Municipal Finance Management Act audit outcomesMidrand, Johannesburg
28 Jun 2017Finance for non financial managers using ExcelBoksburg
28 Jun 2017Stakeholder Reputation Management MasterclassJohannesburg
29 Jun 2017The Flux Trends Future of Finance Laboratory: Preparing for DisruptionJohannesburg
29 Jun 2017Pension law updateCape Town
1 Jul 2017Forex Trading beginners classPretoria
3 Jul 2017Course in Law for Commercial Forensic PractitionersPretoria
4 Jul 2017Project management for facilities managersSandton
4 Jul 2017Power of Persuasion Presentation seriesJohannesburg
6 Jul 2017Accounting skillsJohannesburg
10 Jul 2017Short Course in Performance AuditingPretoria
12 Jul 2017Banking Distribution Conference – Moving towards integrated multi-channel deliveryJohannesburg
13 Jul 2017Management and leadership skillsJohannesburg
21 Jul 2017Minute taking and meeting managementBoksburg
24 Jul 2017Investigation and management of cyber and electronic crimePretoria
24 Jul 2017Course in Investigation and management of cyber and electronic crimePretoria
31 Jul 2017Money laundering investigation and detectionPretoria
3 Aug 2017Financial technology - what's law got to do with it?Cape Town
7 Aug 2017Transformational leadershipJohannesburg
7 Aug 2017Muslim personal law and Islamic banking and financeCape Town
16 Aug 2017Executive Remuneration Africa ConferenceJohannesburg
16 Aug 2017
Top Women Awards & Conference
Awarding the achievements of top women and gender-empowered companies, championing economy-wide gender parity.
17 Aug 2017Short Course in Audit Readiness - Reporting on predetermined objectivesPretoria
21 Aug 2017Legal aspects of corporate financeCape Town
21 Aug 2017Public Private Partnership (PPP): Financing, Projects, and ContractsJohannesburg
21 Aug 2017Short Course in Financial Management for Non-financial ManagersPretoria
21 Aug 2017Financial Management for Non-financial ManagersPretoria
22 Aug 2017Fintech Innovation 2017Johannesburg
28 Aug 2017Prevention and detection of procurement and contract fraudPretoria
28 Aug 2017Short Course in Prevention and Detection of Procurement and Contract FraudPretoria
31 Aug 2017Small Business ExpoJohannesburg
4 Sep 2017Accounting skillsJohannesburg
6 Sep 2017SA Innovation SummitCape Town
11 Sep 2017Economic crime schemesPretoria
13 Sep 2017SecuritisationJohannesburg
18 Sep 2017Transformational leadershipJohannesburg
2 Oct 2017Fraud risk managementPretoria
2 Oct 2017Short course in Fraud Risk ManagementPretoria
3 Oct 2017Project management for facilities managersCape Town
9 Oct 2017Interviewing skills for fraud examiners and auditorsPretoria
9 Oct 2017Accounting skillsJohannesburg
11 Oct 2017Accounts Receivable and Credit Policies ManagementJohannesburg
23 Oct 2017Commercial mediation training for financial services sectorCape Town
30 Oct 2017Basic financial investigationPretoria
2 Nov 2017Transformational leadershipJohannesburg
8 Nov 2017Short Course on the Governance of Corruption and Fraud AuditingPretoria
13 Nov 2017Short Course in Time Series Econometrics for the PractitionerPretoria
15 Nov 2017Investing in Emerging Markets SummitJohannesburg
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