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Agricultural Writers SA awards top farmers, new entrants and agriculturists
Agricultural Writers SA awards top farmers, new entrants and agriculturists

Aiming to give prominence to the work that farmers and agriculturists do in South African agriculture, the Agricultural Writers SA recently hosted awards - sponsored by Monsanto SA, Sanlam, Santam Agriculture and Rovic Leers - to honour new entrants into commercial agriculture and agriculturists for their excellence in commercial farming.

1 day ago

Greening the livestock sector: Low carbon livestock is possible
Greening the livestock sector: Low carbon livestock is possible

Agriculture is where efforts to end hunger and prevent further global warming come together and, according to FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva, improving livestock supply chains is a fast way to start. "Low carbon livestock is possible," he said on the margins of the Conference of the Parties (COP23) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

1 day ago

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Agriculture and food systems will play a fundamental role in mitigating climate change

Unless sustainable, climate-smart ways of producing, transporting, processing and consuming food are adopted globally, emissions from agriculture sectors are set to increase, further contributing to climate change. This, a warning from FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva at the United Nations Climate Change conference, COP 23.

2 days ago

Stellenbosch University student Alistair Galloway on one of his field trips during the course of his research work. (Image Supplied)
Fynbos restoration: The sooner you fell pines, the better for fynbos

According to research in the South African Journal of Botany that was conducted by researchers from Stellenbosch University and the City of Cape Town, landowners who want to remove pine trees from their property with the hope of seeing fynbos grow again should do so before the trees are more than 30 years old. If you wait any longer, it's less likely that any fynbos seeds will be left in the soil to sprout successfully.

2 days ago

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New initiatives in energy, water, agriculture announced at COP23

New commitments and initiatives in energy, water and agriculture sectors were announced on Friday, 10 November, at the United Nations Climate Conference (COP23) in Bonn, Germany, under the auspices of the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action to help implement the Paris Agreement.

2 days ago

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We don't have money or staff, says fisheries department

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) has admitted in Parliament it does not have the resources to support the cooperatives at the heart of government's small-scale fisheries policy. The policy centres around cooperatives producing an alternative source of income for fishing communities through other means such as processing and marketing, GroundUp reported on Monday.

3 days ago

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You can't eat your smartphone: Why agriculture is the first frontier of African innovation

In 2050, Africa's population will double to 2.4 billion people, accounting for a fifth of the global population. At the same time, the continent will need to create 20 million new jobs every year to meet the demands of what will be the world's largest and most youthful talent pool.

By Ashley Boag 3 days ago

Fluglotse2000 via  - Sugar cane fields north of Durban
Green shoots visible for Tongaat after devastating drought

Tongaat Hulett, SA's largest sugar producer, is starting to see the positive effects of the end of a devastating drought that hit its operations in KwaZulu-Natal, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

By Tammy Foyn 3 days ago

Elijah Langat, passion fruit farmer (Image Supplied)
Reviving passion fruit production in Kenya

Kenya exported passion fruit in the 90s and early 2000s, however, due to pest management challenges, the country has seen a decline in the production of the highly profitable crop since 2003 - this despite Kenya's potential to grow and export passion fruit.

3 days ago

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Exports of white and yellow maize increase

White maize exports for the 2017/2018 marketing year are projected at 860,000 tonnes, which represents an increase of 46.40% compared to the 587,423 tonnes of the previous marketing year. Yellow maize exports are projected at 1,330 million tonnes, which represents a significant increase of 203.04% compared to the 438,879 tonnes of the previous marketing year.

13 Nov 2017

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New water resistant paper egg trays excite farmers

Nigeria: Poultry farmers participating in the Poultry Show in Abeokuta were excited at the exhibition of water resistance paper egg trays which the manufacturer says is purely made of paper instead of plastic.

13 Nov 2017

EthioChicken produces highly fertile, disease-resistant chickens and sells them to farmers at affordable prices. (Image: WikiCommons)
#AgriIndaba: Acumen and instinct in African agribusiness

Acumen was created in 2001 with the bold idea of revolutionising philanthropy. "For too long, we had witnessed unbridled markets overlook or exploit low-income communities and government and top-down philanthropy distort the dynamism and efficiency of markets, creating a hopeless cycle of dependency. We believed there had to be a better way - a third way - to tackle the problems of poverty," the organisation explains.

13 Nov 2017

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New online Climate-Smart Agriculture Sourcebook to help steer food systems in sustainable direction

FAO has produced a new sourcebook on how to implement climate-smart approaches to agriculture, to help steer food systems in a sustainable direction. The sourcebook was launched at the Agriculture Action Day on the sidelines of the COP23 climate summit in Bonn.

13 Nov 2017