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SA suspends imports amid Brazilian meat scandal

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) has suspended imports of meat from establishments suspected to be involved in the Brazilian meat scandal

17 hours ago

Sea Harvest casts its net back onto JSE after 17 years

About 17 years after delisting from the JSE, fishing group Sea Harvest - now with Australian operations complementing its core frozen hake offering - trawled quietly back onto the bourse

By Marc Hasenfuss 12 hours ago

Concern over land ceilings and its affect on sustainable redistribution of land

The concept of land ceilings has been hotly debated since 2011. International experience demonstrated that land ceilings had many negative impacts

12 hours ago

BCC to ensure health of Benguela Current ecosystem through sustainable management

Supporting fisheries, tourism, recreation, and thousands of jobs, a sustainable Benguela Current ecosystem is the lifeblood of the ocean economy on South Africa's West Coast

16 hours ago

Consumer inflation slows as food prices moderate

Consumer inflation slowed in February, as food inflation moderated, but remained outside the South African Reserve Bank's 3%-6% target range

By Tammy Foyn 1 day ago

Exceptional 2017 brandy grape harvest set to yield a smooth spirit

Despite the Western Cape's extreme drought, the 2017 brandy grape harvest looks set to yield future award-winning brandies

1 day ago

Competition body accuses fresh-produce agents of cartel behaviour

The commission said it suspected the larger players of colluding to hold prices low until their smaller competitors ran out of fresh fruit and vegetables to sell, after which they sharply increased prices

By Robert Laing 1 day ago

Dumping is causing poultry crisis, Sapa says

SA's crisis-stricken poultry industry - and whether the crisis has been caused by "dumping" of EU bone-in chicken portions - was the subject of heated debate in parliament

By Linda Ensor 1 day ago

Maximising the potential of wastewater in agriculture

"We need to use water in agriculture in a more efficient, productive, equitable and environmentally friendly way where quality is not compromised."

1 day ago

DGB named Best South African Producer at international wine event

DGB has been announced as the Best South African Producer at MUNDUS VINI International Award and Spring Tasting and was honoured among the world's greatest on the first day of wine trade fair ProWein in Düsseldorf

2 days ago

Earth's soil carbon reservoir poses massive risk to climate change mitigation

Fijian president Jioji Konousi Konrote warned of colossal negative impacts on the environment and human societies if the massive stores of carbon trapped in Earth's soils are released

2 days ago

Forestry SA launches online guide to industry

The new portal offers itself as a beginner's guide to forestry in SA and covers the basics of forestry and forest products, and everything from water-use to recreation, pest control, ownership, and end-uses

2 days ago

Why African countries banning imports of fruit and veg is a blunt tool

Is banning imports a good way to boost the local agricultural sector? Has it worked elsewhere?

By Calestous Juma 2 days ago

Aquaculture boost for youth development

Developments in Eastern Cape aquaculture could offer the province's youth some unique opportunities in the near future

2 days ago

Who is profiting from chicken dumping?

A faceless group is lining its pockets with the profits made from tons of European Union (EU) chicken that is dumped in South Africa

20 Mar 2017

Africa's food security challenges driving technological innovation

"Smart farming solutions will become the cornerstone of global food production over the next decade."

20 Mar 2017

Urban farming project to deliver Harvest of Hope

UCook will contribute a portion of its gross profits to Abalimi Bezekhaya, its preferred supplier of organic produce, to support the organisations upskilling urban farming project, Harvest of Hope

20 Mar 2017

Parmalat's Mature Gouda crowned SA Dairy Product of the Year 2017

Parmalat's Mature Gouda (10 months) made especially for Woolworths was crowned as the 2017 SA Dairy Product of the Year at the Agri-Expo Qualité Awards Gala

20 Mar 2017

Founder of Reel Gardening walks away with Agripreneur of the Year Award

The top eight finalists of the Future Agro Challenge faced off on a global stage with South African agripreneur Clair Reid, founder of Reel Gardening, walking away with the Agripreneur of the Year Award

20 Mar 2017

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