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Nick Hoffman engaging with students
Students get schooled on disruption in logistics and transport

Online bidding platform for road freight transport, Linebooker, has been instructing students from Stellenbosch University to ensure change management is top-of-mind as the industry transforms at a rapid rate. Disruption is the name of the game and as part of guiding the next generation of transport and logistics professionals, these students are learning first-hand what it's all about from Linebooker.

6 hours ago

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FedEx introduces new cold shipping solution for healthcare industry in SA

Transport company, FedEx Express has introduced a new temperature-controlled solution, FedEx Cold Shipping, in South Africa.

8 hours ago

Barbara Kulenkamp
For Lufthansa's female pilots the sky is not the limit

Lufthansa female commercial pilot, Barbara Kuhlenkamp shares her experience of being a female pilot in a male-dominated field.

1 day ago

Mikhail Goldovski via  - Port of Tanga, Tanzania
Bright future awaits Tanga Port ahead of oil pipeline

TANGA, Tanzania — Tanga Port looks forward to a bright future, projecting to serve over five times the current consignment as a result of the planned implementation of various construction projects, citing industries and Hoima-Tanga crude oil pipeline.

By Bernard Lugongo 2 days ago

Airlines spend N50bn annually on aircraft maintenance overseas
Airlines spend N50bn annually on aircraft maintenance overseas

Nigeria - The low value of the naira has increased the cost of overseas aircraft maintenance to over N50bn annually, Nigerian airline operators have said. They noted that the cost would have been higher if many of the airlines did not shut down their operations in the last five years. There are relatively fewer operating aircraft as the number of aircraft on maintenance has decreased by about 35 percent.

By Chinedu Eze 2 days ago

N2 project to make travelling easier
N2 project to make travelling easier

The N2 Wild Coast project will improve mobility and connectivity between provinces and towns, says Transport Minister Joe Maswanganyi.

2 days ago

Porto do Caio, Angola's new deepwater port
Angola's investment in non-oil sectors starts to pay off

With forecasts of rising commodity prices, investors must now bear in mind that we are moving towards a sellers' rather than buyers' market. A shift that signals good news for many of Africa's national economies, including Angola.

By Miguel Damião Gago 2 days ago

#FreshConnections: The realities of trading in Africa
#FreshConnections: The realities of trading in Africa

It's often agreed that the trickiest part of the supply chain is not the sourcing, but getting the product to the consumer. And if you're planning to extend your supply network into a Third World continent like Africa, you should know that logistical issues tend to rise in complexity.

By Lauren Hartzenberg 18 Aug 2017

Emirates SkyCargo collaborates with DuPont on enhanced temperature protection solution
Emirates SkyCargo collaborates with DuPont on enhanced temperature protection solution

Emirates SkyCargo in collaboration with DuPont is rolling out a new white cover solution as part of its endeavour to offer a range of innovative cool chain temperature solutions. The new White Cover Xtreme, featuring DuPont's Tyvek Xtreme W50 material, offers enhanced protection for temperature sensitive cargo in hot, cold and wet weather conditions.

18 Aug 2017

Benji Coetzee
#WomensMonth: Benji Coetzee's Empty Trips revolutionises logistics

The Empty Trips platform connects those with spare capacity on their vehicles (truck, boat or plane) with those who require goods transported in Africa. I chatted to founder, Benji Coetzee, to find out how her idea creates accessibility for individuals and business to leverage existing logistical networks at reduced transport costs, whilst supporting logistical services providers with the opportunity to reduce empty space, save, and earn new sources of revenue.

By Ilse van den Berg 17 Aug 2017

SAA's procurement policy illegal - lawyers
SAA's procurement policy illegal - lawyers

SAA's procurement policy, which sets aside 30% to small businesses, is illegal and will expose the airline to legal action by suppliers, including Bidair Services, according to a legal opinion obtained by the national carrier. The policy, which favours small, medium and micro enterprises owned by military veterans, rural women and previously disadvantaged youth, was introduced in 2015 after a board resolution taken on 26 August that year.

By Xolisa Phillip 17 Aug 2017

Verda Maluleka stands next to her stock at her LDP
CCBSA's innovative route to market creating opportunities for female entrepreneurs

Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA) is one of the companies that have realised the benefits of utilising communities and informal markets as an alternative distribution channel. Taking this route to market, the company has created opportunities for entrepreneurs in distribution while also connecting their smaller customer base through their Local Distribution Progamme (LDP).

17 Aug 2017

Africa's travel market experiencing healthy growth, Lagos falls short
Africa's travel market experiencing healthy growth, Lagos falls short

According to an analysis conducted by ForwardKeys, Lagos has seen a substantial decline in both its domestic and international capacity. It's estimated that between August and December 2017, Lagos will have 16% fewer airline seats on domestic routes and 9% fewer on international routes, in part, as a result of Arik Air cutting 53% of its seats.

16 Aug 2017