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Why African countries banning imports of fruit and veg is a blunt tool

Is banning imports a good way to boost the local agricultural sector? Has it worked elsewhere?

By Calestous Juma 3 days ago

Africa's food security challenges driving technological innovation

"Smart farming solutions will become the cornerstone of global food production over the next decade."

20 Mar 2017

Factbox: From new beans to ancient plants, drought-busting crops take root

Research has increased to see how food crops cope with dry conditions, and scientists are breeding and crossing seeds to make them more drought-tolerant

By Anastasia Moloney 13 Mar 2017

Insurance vital, but no magic bullet to fight drought in Africa

More developing countries urgently need insurance to cushion their farmers against weather extremes that can worsen poverty, but it is no magic bullet to ward off the escalating impacts of climate change, experts say

By Alex Whiting 10 Mar 2017

Could 'resurrection' crops survive drought and feed a hungry planet?

Could harnessing the power of "resurrection plants" - with the ability to survive severe water shortages for years - hold the secret to feeding a hungry planet?

By Peter Lykke Lind 9 Mar 2017

Having a story to tell helps your commodity become a brand

It is not enough to be a great farmer nowadays. You also need to be a great marketer and learning to think about yourself, those that work for you and what you produce in the way that a journalist would

By Brian Berkman 7 Mar 2017

MasterCard assists 1.1 million African smallholder farmers

The MasterCard Foundation has committed a total of $38.3 million for programmes to improve productivity and market access for farmers in 11 African countries

7 Mar 2017

AfDB takes agricultural transformation discourse to India, cradle of Green Revolution

The Annual Meetings provides a good opportunity for India, cradle of the Green Revolution, to share its experiences with thousands of participants who will attend the Bank's foremost annual gathering

2 Mar 2017

Three key ingredients to achieve food security in Africa

African farmers face one of the greatest balancing acts of the 21st century - feeding a rapidly expanding population without causing irreparable damage to the environment they rely on

By Nicolas Mounard 28 Feb 2017

Indian Ocean Dipole: The obscure climate phenomenon driving drought

An obscure climate phenomenon in the Indian Ocean is contributing to an East Africa drought that is threatening the lives of millions of people, as famine looms

By Jared Ferrie 24 Feb 2017

Mobile weather platform unveiled for emerging markets

A weather app, designed for developing countries to assist users in predicting severe weather events or disasters, has been launched…

23 Feb 2017

Global future food security in jeopardy warns FAO report

Intensifying pressures on natural resources, mounting inequality, and climate change has put mankind's ability to feed itself in jeopardy a new report by FAO warns

22 Feb 2017

US scientists develop new way to measure crop yields from space

US researchers have come up with a new method of estimating crop yields from small farms in Africa using high-resolution images from the latest generation of satellites

By Magdalena Mis 15 Feb 2017

Bird flu in Uganda highlights gaps in Africa's plans to manage pandemics

African countries face challenges in detecting such outbreaks because they have weak avian influenza surveillance systems

By Jeanette Dawa 15 Feb 2017

Failure to help small farmers adapt will compromise future food production

Failure to make our food systems more resilient to climate change will "seriously compromise" food production in many regions and could doom international efforts to end hunger and poverty

14 Feb 2017

Pulses, powerful allies in achieving Sustainable Development Goals

IYP has helped raise awareness of the benefits of pulses and boosted knowledge sharing and partnerships, but these gains must be strengthened further to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

13 Feb 2017

Is Africa really undergoing a smallholder agricultural revolution?

The general story is that farmers are adopting improved agricultural practices, that productivity is increasing and that rural economies are burgeoning

By Brendan Brown and Ian Nuberg 8 Feb 2017

Why the US has a lot to gain from investing in Africa's agri-food systems

US farmers and agribusiness can help themselves by helping Africa meet its rapidly growing food needs. This can be done through investments in agri-food systems as well as supporting a sustainable, efficient global food system

By Thomas Jayne 7 Feb 2017

#WeatherWatch: Is La Niña on her way out?

The movement out of El Niño into La Niña means that South Africa is benefitting from an increased rainfall pattern, a good thing right? Not if it brings increased hail and localised flooding

By Piers Kenyon 6 Feb 2017

New races of damaging wheat rust found as old ones continue to spread

According to two new studies produces by scientists in collaboration with FAO, wheat rust is spreading further in Europe, Africa, and Asia

6 Feb 2017

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