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Residential transactions: a turnaround in sight?

The property industry weathered a very difficult year in 2016. Declining sales have mauled the industry, hitting agents and homeowners alike. But there may be some good news on the horizon

By Richard Gray 20 hours ago

Greenbay to move to main board of JSE at month end

Greenbay Properties, a group that invests in a diverse range of European property markets, will move to the main board of the JSE at the end of March

By Alistair Anderson 21 hours ago

RICS publishes new global professional statement on conflicts of interest

Following extensive industry consultation, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is tightening up requirements for RICS professionals and regulated firms

19 hours ago

Compact urban living an emerging trend in commercial real estate

With the advent of a flexible work culture and urbanisation, commercial real estate investors are realising the need to adapt to the changing environment

3 days ago

Greenbay and Resilient to buy two malls in Portugal

Property groups Greenbay and Resilient intend buying two Portuguese shopping centres for €219.25m. Each will pay half for a 50% stake, they announced on Thursday, 16 March

By Matthew Stevens 3 days ago

CT ranked among top ‘tech cities'

According to Savills' recent Tech Cities 2017 report, Cape Town, along with Santiago and Buenos Aires, is one of the world's rising global players

17 Mar 2017

Understanding fair wear, tear in commercial rental agreements

Commonly used in commercial rental agreements, fair wear and tear is a phrase essential to understand in the context of a commercial lease

17 Mar 2017

Unpacking new property legislation

There are a few significant changes on the cards for the South African property sector in 2017

16 Mar 2017

#BrandManagerMonth: How the Fieldspace brand stays ahead of the game

Deborah Aremband and Ricky Tomaselli are the marketing managers behind the Fieldspace Property Group brand

By Sindy Peters 16 Mar 2017

Protecting yourself from identity theft

A current court case, dealing with a house that was sold fraudulently, has highlighted the risks of identity theft. Here's what you need to know

Issued by Private Property 16 Mar 2017

Future of property in sectional title sector

The future of property lies largely in the sectional title sector, says Paul French, commercial director for the Coastal Property Group

16 Mar 2017

Demystifying the rental agreement

The days of 10% increases when renewing the lease on your house or flat are all but extinct

15 Mar 2017

Creating beach life for Gauteng

A multinational water innovation company is planning to bring beach life to Gauteng. Swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding and sailing will be on offer in the new development

15 Mar 2017

New property sector legislation overlooks transformation

New legislation for SA's property sector barely makes any reference to transformation of the sector

By Alistair Anderson 14 Mar 2017

Lightstone predicts a buyer's market for 2017

It's a buyer's market in 2017, according to the Lightstone house price forecast for this year

14 Mar 2017

Benefits of purchasing a sectional title property

Safety and reduced costs are just two of the reasons that sectional title units have grown massively in popularity over the years

14 Mar 2017

What you need to know when you buy off-plan

As with any large financial investment, there are potential drawbacks buyers need to be aware of when buying a property off-plan

13 Mar 2017

How to spot a seller who's ready to bargain

Tips for spotting a home seller who is willing to negotiate, and how to successfully strike a deal with them

Issued by Private Property 13 Mar 2017

Invest in UK property with R350,000

Find out how you can take advantage of the UK's vastly undersupplied property market today and why Manchester is one of the best UK cities to invest in

Issued by One Touch 13 Mar 2017

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