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The impact of autonomous vehiclesThe age of the autonomous vehicle is here - no longer a figment of an engineer's imagination. Apple has announced it is developing an autonomous car, Uber just made its first driverless truck delivery of beers in Colorado and Elon Musk wants to change the role of the truck driver from operating a vehicle to something more like fleet management. 14 Nov 2016 Read more

Managing your online footprintTen years ago businesses in South Africa were not necessarily even aware that they could use Facebook for marketing and driving interest in and engagement with their organisations. Now we are mapping trends in people's behaviour online to tailor the advertising they see when browsing. 22 Sep 2016 Read more

Future of warehousing - Barcoding vs RFID taggingRFID tagging is not new. The technology has been around since the 1970s. In many ways, it makes sense that RFID tagging would be the future for warehousing and supply chain, favoured over the traditional barcoding. But while this seems to make sense on the surface, many logistics and supply chain organisations in South Africa are behind the curve and lagging behind international trends. While RFID tagging has some staggering benefits, there are a number of prohibitors to their adoption. 24 Aug 2016 Read more

The future of supply chain blogThe 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us. In my blog post from 7 June, I wrote, "We are at the cusp of a completely new way of doing everything. And we have two choices - run away and hide, or embrace and move with the constant change." Many of us are process-driven and tend to think that if it's not broken we shouldn't try to fix it. But a mindset change is required if we are going to make it in this new world order. 19 Jul 2016 Read more

Eazybranch success storyBuying in bulk has long been lauded as a great way to save money. Buy bigger quantities and you can get great discounts. Eazybranch offers its clients savings like this on a monthly basis because of its long-standing supplier relationships and negotiated bulk deals. 1 Jul 2016 Read more

Change managementWe are constantly bombarded with the rapid rate of change and speed at which things like the 4th Industrial Revolution are moving along. Statistics scare us into future thinking paralysis and can see us becoming even more resistant to change than before. 22 Jun 2016 Read more

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