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Social media analysis report on RSA protest actionsAnalysis conducted and report compiled by Ruan de Beer | Divisional manager - Intellisignis (a division of Praesignis) 26 Apr 2017 Read More

Junk status. What it means for SA businesses. And how BI is key to overcoming the challenges.With South Africa's sovereign credit rating now at junk status or sub-investment grade, life for ordinary South Africans and South African businesses just got a whole lot worse. 19 Apr 2017 Read More

Deriving true insight from dataAdvanced visualisation is more about the message than the technology. Data without context is bits and bytes with enormous potential. 2 Mar 2017 Read More

Praesignis agreement with Da Vinci Institute enables accredited courses in Innovation and Data SciencePraesignis signed a Research Associate Memorandum of Agreement with the Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management on 28 November 2016. The Da Vinci Institute is a Higher Education Institution under the Higher Education Act 1997, and is also accredited by the Council of Higher Education (CHE). Its qualifications are recorded with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). 20 Jan 2017 Read More

Technology goes pink this October!Often we tear ourselves down, forget our value and lose our confidence. This October, PinkDrive would like to remind you that you are beautiful, unique and special, and invites you to help PinkDrive build confidence and raise breast cancer awareness by participating in the "PinkTober Selfie Campaign". The target is to raise R1m for PinkDrive during the month of October. 10 Oct 2016 Read More

Business intelligence without proper data management is a futile exerciseIt's all about data. Business intelligence without proper data management is a futile exercise. We are all about data, the way we look at data, the way we investigate data, the way we bring value out of data to our customers, through our expertise in data. 7 Jun 2016 Read More

What is business networking?Business networking is a skill, a highly sought after talent, to enable you to leverage your business and personal connections to aid the growth and development of your business. In its' simplest form, it is relationship building and maintenance. It is also the cheapest, most effective tool in your marketing arsenal. 12 May 2016 Read More

A market strategy and innovation?Many articles and books have been written over the past decades why strategies fail. This article is about why some strategies are successful. 29 Apr 2016 Read More

Thinking about innovation?Jac Spies, Chief Advisor at Praesignis explains innovation in a nutshell. 29 Apr 2016 Read More