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Gwen Watkins - freelance writer, editor, subeditor and author with 35 years international experience in industrial journalism offers her Master NLP Practitioner skills to aid brand communication and native advertising.
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Gwen WatkinsAs a baby boomer, I am predisposed towards dealing with fellow baby boomers but even more so with other women baby boomers in management and top positions. The reason is simple; we have a no-nonsense response to life, work and effort, having had to carve our own path without much encouragement from the world. 12 May 2017 Read more

Good media events rely on certain basic events management principles and these quick tips will ensure a smoother press conference. 1 Apr 2017 Read more

The new marketing terms Content Marketing, Native Advertising, Brand Awareness, Consumer Messaging, all come down to one essential idea - write a concise story that captures the attention of your target market, makes them believe it, want it and respond directly to you. 5 Jan 2017 Read more

I have had a question come in from freelancers about the benefits of contract work, as opposed to freelancing and whether agreeing to contract work means you are no longer a freelancer. 28 Jun 2016 Read more

You need to decide how much you would like to earn each month, as a freelancer. I have found the best way to calculate this is to use the third rule system - one-third to live on (your salary), one-third for taxes, overheads and normal day-to-day company needs and one-third to savings against the financial crash that hits at least once a decade, or as a hedge fund for retirement. 25 Apr 2016 Read more

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