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Janine Fourie

Head Chef at Big Easy Durban
Location:Durban, South Africa


Chef Janine Fourie is the head chef at Big Easy Winebar & Grill in Durban.
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How to stay motivated on your career path as a chef

Food channels and reality cooking shows glamorise the industry and make a chef's life look as if it is all fun and joy, but the reality is very different. Here's how to remain faithful to your chosen career path as a chef

By Janine Fourie 4 Oct 2017

#WomensMonth: Ten tips for women considering a career as a chef

This Women's Month, I take a look at how female chefs cope in today's hospitality industry. The days of male dominated kitchens are definitely a thing of the past as women increasingly make their presence felt.

By Janine Fourie 29 Aug 2017

Seven simple ways to build a summer body in winter

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are summer bodies . As we move into the second half of the year, perhaps now is the time to revisit those New Year health-and-fitness resolutions we made at the beginning of the year.

By Janine Fourie 19 Jul 2017

#FoodTrends: Gin - That's the Spirit!

Gin is the hot topic at the moment in 2017 in clubs, cocktail bars, bottle stores even in the kitchen!

By Janine Fourie 20 Jun 2017

#FoodTrends: Chocolate health benefits

Chef Janine of Big Easy Durban throws caution to the wind and shares the sheer indulgence of chocolate with bizcommunity readers. But there's a twist - chocolate is full of health benefits and more

By Janine Fourie 19 May 2017

How the world celebrates Easter

Hot cross buns and Easter eggs are synonymous with Easter - a significant religious festival for many and also an opportunity for reflection and spending time with friends and family.

By Janine Fourie 13 Apr 2017

#FoodTrends: explore the world of herbs

Everyone needs to save water – from landscapers to food manufacturers, restaurant dishwashers to prep kitchens as well as Jane Citizen in her apartment. Starting a herb and veggie garden is one way of saving pennies and water

By Janine Fourie 15 Mar 2017

#FoodTrends: what's cooking at the moment?

From the massive helpings of meat-and-three-veg to the extreme minimalism of nouvelle cuisine… just when you think it's all been done, someone comes up with something new

By Janine Fourie 15 Feb 2017

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