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Property Factor is a mortgage originating company, operating under the Mortgage Max banner, brokering the best home loan facility for its clients.
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Blockchain's potential to revolutionise the mortgage and real estate industryAs with the internet some 25 years ago, blockchain is an exciting new technology that cannot be ignored. It will affect most industries and the real estate industry is certainly not immune to it. 1 Sep 2017 Read more

Is refinance still viable?We ran a somewhat controversial piece in our March 2017 edition called ‘The Demise of the Access Bond', in which author, Gary Palmer of Paragon Lending Solutions, claimed that “the age of the access bond is over”, and that traditional access loan have been “all but eradicated”. 27 Jul 2017 Read more

Legislation compels banks to tread lightlyWhen we first became aware of the banks reluctance to finance properties registered in entities (company, close corporation or trust), we were a little taken aback. After all, this may not necessarily be the most lucrative way of purchasing property, but it surely is the safest, as it separates the asset (the property) from the individual's personal financial obligations and misdemeanours. Furthermore no bank will finance a property in an entity without obtaining a surety from the individuals who control the entity, be it its directors, members or trustees. So what is the risk...? 24 Jul 2017 Read more

Homebuyers should be entitled to exclusive representationHaving assisted hundreds of homebuyers in over 16 years obtaining a home loan, we at Property Factor are often astonished at how even the most learned buyers are duped into signing sale agreements that fail to protect their interests. The reason is that the transaction is driven by an agent whose core business is to protect the interests of the seller. 15 Feb 2017 Read more

Facts to factor before fixingIf every time the Monetary Policy Committee meets, you feel anxious, stressed and you hope that your disposable income will not be reduced overnight by some arbitrary decision made by the powers that be, who believe that you are overspending and the only way to curb this unruly behaviour is to further increasing your monthly expenses by increasing the repo rate, the thought of fixing your interest rate has probably crossed your mind. 27 Aug 2016 Read more

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