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How to defend a personal injury claim against your businessSo much has been said or written in favor of personal injury claims. The fact that accidents occur every now and then does not take away the pain, trauma and drama that comes with it when it happens to you or a loved one. 21 Apr 2017 Read More
Seven tips to protect your business against personal injury claimsA personal injury claim can cause you emotional and financial woes as a business owner. It usually involves the victim of the unfortunate event that led to the injury filing a case against the person responsible, and requesting compensation, which is usually a huge amount of money. 20 Apr 2017 Read More
How legal technology can aid your personal injury caseThe constant technological developments around us have made it hard to overlook the world of tech. 12 Apr 2017 Read More
Three creative ways to attract millennials for hireMillennials have been tagged as the lazy generation that feels entitled to almost everything, but then, they make up the workforce of most companies and contribute modern ideas that lead to the massive growth of organisations. So it's safe to say it would be almost impossible to do without them. 7 Apr 2017 Read More
How to choose the perfect CFD trading platform for youYou've probably heard that anyone with ambition, some patience and little greed can trade commodities and make a living out of it, with little or no money to start with. 7 Apr 2017 Read More
Three creative ways to make your corporate events remarkableSo much has been said about corporate events. 5 Apr 2017 Read More
Four things you must do to prevent data theftInformation technology has really come of age. It contributes immensely to economic growth and brings great improvements to human life. 30 Mar 2017 Read More
Three benefits your business can derive from a WordPress websiteAlmost nothing beats being your own boss. For many, to run their own business and be excluded from that highly dreaded 9-5 cycle is the ultimate dream. 20 Mar 2017 Read More
How to build an e-commerce website that worksWith millions of consumers around the world looking for different items to buy through the internet, the e-commerce industry has witnessed a monumental expansion. One report has it that 81 percent of buyers conduct online research before deciding to buy any product. 20 Mar 2017 Read More
Four tips for creating and maintaining a healthier work environmentCarrying out your delegated duties at work could get very stressful sometimes. Now think of doing all that work in an unhealthy and toxic work environment. I bet it's quite unimaginable. 20 Mar 2017 Read More
Three ways to make your business website extremely fastThe days of depending on billboards strategically placed on busy highways to reach out to new customers are long gone. The internet has replaced that with many other tools with which businesses can reach out to new customers. 20 Mar 2017 Read More
Three profitable ways to use drones in your businessSome years back, the idea of drones wasn't even existent. The world needed large cranes on which to hoist cameras for aerial photography and depended largely on satellite images. 7 Mar 2017 Read More
How to get your business online in seven easy stepsRegardless of the kind of business you're into, you will need to create an online presence for your business, because businesses nowadays are becoming more and more competitive and demanding, and the best way to catch up with the ever increasing demand is to use the internet to your advantage. 16 Feb 2017 Read More
How to create an online store in three simple stepsBuying and selling has, over the course of man's history, found a way of following in the steps of modernisation. From trade-by-barter to shops, and now online stores, the game has changed drastically. 13 Feb 2017 Read More
Three benefits of outsourcing your sales teamSo many things have been said about outsourcing. Depending on which end the talk about outsourcing is coming from, it's obvious that outsourcing is a big deal with a host of benefits. 3 Feb 2017 Read More
How to lower the cost of your next home improvement projectRenovations can sometimes be very expensive and have great effect on your budget, but once renovations are done there will be a reason to smile at the almost empty bank account. 3 Feb 2017 Read More
Six leisure activities that can boost employee productivityRunning a business can be a lot of work and that's why you have all those employees around to ease the stress and contribute to the development of the company. 27 Jan 2017 Read More
Three reasons to use translation services for your businessHave you been wondering whether it's time to employ translation services for your business? Or perhaps wondering if it's worth it at all? Then this article is for you – to help you decide whether it's of any use, and whether it's time. 16 Jan 2017 Read More
How to determine if you're eligible for a workplace injury claimDid you get injured in the course of carrying out your duties at your workplace and would like to be compensated for it? Then this article is for you. At the end of this article, you'll not just know what a workplace injury claim entails, you'll be able to tell if your case is worth pursuing at all – and if you have a chance at successfully getting compensated. 13 Jan 2017 Read More
Six proven ways to quit smoking: So it doesn't kill your productivityAccording to the World Health Organisation (WHO), tobacco kills approximately six million people every year. If this isn't enough to scare any smoker, then maybe it will be the fact that smoking changes the once good breath to a horrible one, changes the teeth colour, stains the hands, and even the entire respiratory system could get damaged. 9 Jan 2017 Read More
Three steps to starting your own delivery companyOver time, it has been discovered that one of the ways to become financially free is to start your own business. It's the fastest way to financial freedom, faster than the 9-5 cycle. And this was emphasised by Thomas Stanley, who found out and revealed in his book, The Millionaire Next Door, that most financially successful people were business owners. 4 Jan 2017 Read More
How to save money buying office furnitureOffice furniture is a must-have, in every office. It defines and makes your office very comfortable. 29 Dec 2016 Read More
How to choose the perfect dress for that business eventChoosing what to wear to any event could be quite tricky, not to talk of a business event. You wear anything too serious you might come off as being too serious and unapproachable and when you wear anything too revealing you might not be taken seriously, and people might think you have nothing of quality to offer. 29 Dec 2016 Read More
Three factors to consider when choosing a fulfillment companyIt has been discovered that our needs as human beings are unlimited. The average human being, man or woman, is always looking out to buy one thing or the other. It may be that latest gadget, car, or office equipment. 29 Dec 2016 Read More
Three benefits a password management tool affords your businessBreaching of accounts has become the order of the day and the reason for this is not far-fetched. The use of weak passwords has become the order of the day, and as if that isn't bad enough, they use the same password for various accounts. 28 Dec 2016 Read More
Three things you should know about aircraft engine overhaulThe aircraft engine is a propulsion system in an aircraft which generates mechanical power that enables it to fly. There are various types of aircraft engines, such as the piston, turboshaft, turboprop, turbine, and the likes, and all of them require a periodic overhaul to make the aircraft safer to fly. 19 Dec 2016 Read More
How to qualify for an unsecured business loanIn the best-seller One Minute Millionaire the authors explained the different kinds of freedom. There's Money Freedom, Time Freedom, Physical Freedom, etc. They then went on to conclude that all these different freedoms combine together to make up the Ultimate Freedom. 15 Dec 2016 Read More
Security cameras in the workplace: The pros and consThe use of security cameras to monitor the activities taking place in the workplace is quite rampant in many business organisations. These types of cameras are used in places such as banks, manufacturing industries, retail stores for internal theft prevention or security. 14 Dec 2016 Read More
How to create memorable travel experiences you'll never forgetTravel serves different purposes for different people. It's a day job for pilots and flight attendants, pleasure for tourists, and an obligation for businessmen and entrepreneurs. However, travelling is meant to be enjoyed and not endured. 12 Dec 2016 Read More
Want to become a female entrepreneur? Here's how to get your business startedFor women, starting a business is a different ball game. They face challenges ranging from bringing up kids, to fixing the home, to hormonal issues. That's just the way they are. 7 Dec 2016 Read More
How to use logbook loans to grow your small businessRaising funds could get pretty tough, especially when you have to sell your properties to do so. Thanks to logbook loans, you don't have to worry about that anymore. Through this means, your car becomes an asset and no longer a liability. 25 Nov 2016 Read More
How to choose the perfect web hosting service for your businessThe internet is one of the go-to places if you need to get word out about what you do. Why? Because of the increasing amount of people who now have access to it. 24 Nov 2016 Read More
How Serp Logic is disrupting the $65bn SEO industryAs the saying goes, "Content is king". And the reason is not far-fetched. 18 Nov 2016 Read More
How to save money on every purchase you makeThe wants of man are unlimited. It's almost always never satisfied. At one point after the other, man always needs one thing or the other. As such, making purchases to fulfill such needs is just unavoidable. 18 Nov 2016 Read More
Three creative ways to add colour to your corporate eventsEvents are planned public occasions. It could be in the form of a seminar, conference, trade show, opening ceremony, and lots more. 17 Nov 2016 Read More
Six ideas to make your workplace funGoogle has always been the model when it comes to making the workplace fun. The idea behind the concept is to give people the creative space they need to come up with ideas that are going to change the world. You might not be Google, but it doesn't mean you can't follow the same concept. 7 Nov 2016 Read More
Is smoking killing you? Here's how to deal with itEvery year, there are many deaths resulting from smoking-related health complications. The common ones are heart disease, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke, and asthma. 31 Oct 2016 Read More
Four services you need to grow your small business fasterThe essence of going into business is seeing the venture that started from just an idea eventually grow into something big. 31 Oct 2016 Read More
Four things you should do before entering a business partnershipOf course, a partnership offers parties tons of benefits, jointly and individually, but also has its own setbacks. You should never jump head-first into a business partnership just because of the potential benefits, without performing your due diligence. 28 Oct 2016 Read More
How to improve safety at the workplaceIt's one thing to hire the best hands and do everything to make them productive, it's another thing to keep them safe enough to be able to carry out their duties and not be exposed to unnecessary risks and workplace hazards. 27 Oct 2016 Read More
Five-point checklist for personal health and safetyPaying attention to personal health and safety is an obligation for every individual. We all need good health to properly perform our daily activities; and safety ensures that good health is sustained. 26 Oct 2016 Read More
Four unconventional ways to boost your workplace productivity"Productivity" is one word that has been thrown around a lot over the years. Everyone is looking for a way to improve efficiency and also increase output, both in the corporate world, and in our personal lives. 17 Oct 2016 Read More
Close more online sales with Paxful, give your customers 300 payment optionsSuccessfully attracting and retaining more customers online is mostly a function of the convenience your business offers users. 17 Oct 2016 Read More
Four tips for selecting utility providers for your businessAlthough modern business is moving towards remote work and digital interactions, the majority of business owners build their companies within a physical space. 14 Oct 2016 Read More
Quality control for building constructions: Six essential tests to performQuality control is a crucial process in many industries. It is particularly more important in building constructions for safety reasons since a single building collapse or electrical installation fault could lead to loss of many lives and properties. 28 Sep 2016 Read More
How to choose the perfect monitors for your businessAre you shopping for new monitors for your business? You would need information that helps you make the best choice without all the technical jargon that you mostly cannot wrap your head around. This simple monitor buying guide helps you make a start and helps you choose the most suitable monitor for your needs. 21 Sep 2016 Read More
How to protect your business from the effects of a divorceYour family is not the only thing likely to suffer from the effects of a separation from your spouse. Sometimes, it is necessary to divorce-proof your business well beforehand because that business that has taken you several long years and efforts to build can come crumbling down if you or your spouse decides to file for a divorce. 20 Sep 2016 Read More
How to choose the perfect CRM software for your businessEveryone likes to be treated nicely, including your customers. When people spend their money, they love to spend it in places where they would not just get value for the money spent but also in places where they would be appreciated for it. 7 Sep 2016 Read More
Five ways a virtual office can benefit a small businessThe term virtual office often implies many things, which include provision of communication and address services without actually having a physical office space or meeting rooms. A virtual office differs from executive suites in that it allows a company to operate effectively without a dedicated office space. 5 Sep 2016 Read More
Five ways bad grammar can negatively affect your business"I sell stuff, not grammar." It's easy for many business owners to say this, playing down the importance of good grammar in business. 23 Aug 2016 Read More
Four ways exercise improves work productivityIt's understandably default mindset to think exercising is all about losing weight and staying fit. But I'd bet that, even if you can't put your fingers on them, you know in your mind that there definitely are more benefits to exercising than those default two. 22 Aug 2016 Read More
Five creative trends that are changing the way we workThe last couple of decades have witnessed an enormous amount of changes in the way we work. There have been remarkable improvements in the way businesses are conducted and the way organisations shape their work force. 15 Aug 2016 Read More
Three reasons you should do a building inspection before choosing your office buildingBuying property is probably one of the biggest investments most of us will ever make. Whether it is for living or to serve as an office building, it is very important to do a building inspection before investing in a property. 15 Aug 2016 Read More
Seven ways a blog can grow your businessThe main purpose of starting a business is to see it grow, expand into what can sustain us - and our dreams and lifestyle, and make that money. Yes, aside from starting a business to fulfill that passion, the end goal for us all is making money. 11 Aug 2016 Read More
Five advantages credit repair gives your businessThe process of fixing a bad credit report is called credit repair. The process also deals with fundamental financial issues such as budgeting, and dealing with lenders. Depending on the extent of the problem, the repair may simply require cleaning up mix-ups, or an extensive cleanup, which may require professional help. 8 Aug 2016 Read More
Social media strategies to provide a great customer service experienceSocial media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have evolved to become potential tools to provide great customer service. More companies today are turning to this social media platform to catch the attention of their customers and to engage with them in a positive way. In fact, the 2012 Social Media Report by Nielsen shows that more than half of US consumers prefer to use social media to ask questions, report and make complaints about a product, so companies want to be where their customers are. 8 Aug 2016 Read More
Five little-known ways to improve your brand identityThere's no doubt that creating a brand identity is a sure path to entrepreneurial success. Whether your business is offline or online, building a brand identity takes your business to greater heights. This is because a truly recognised brand identity makes people confident about your organisation. It also helps you to stand out and creates a strong connection between you and your clients. 5 Aug 2016 Read More
The mobile UI evolution: Six trends every designer should knowMobile UI designs have come to stay. App designers are in high demand especially in the aspect of user interface (UI). UI design focuses particularly on user experience and interface, ease of use, and a trendy, beautiful yet practical design. These aesthetics are important to the success of an app. 1 Aug 2016 Read More
Three proven content marketing strategies you can implement right nowContent marketing is the conduit that creates a link between brand awareness and lead generation. There must never be a break in this conduit if you hope you achieve your business aim. 22 Jul 2016 Read More
Five creative ways to save money on your next shoppingShopping is a fantastic and necessary experience, and can even be a form of stress therapy. However, it can push you into a financial abyss if you're not careful. With the emergence of online shopping, you can buy anything you want within seconds using your credit card, and before you know it, you are likely to have racked up a huge credit card bill. 22 Jul 2016 Read More
The smart buyer's guide for efficient industrial computersEver since the advent of computers, inventors have been designing new platforms for unusual use cases. For industries that require high-end server systems for high performance and exceptional reliability, specialised industrial computers are usually required. 20 Jul 2016 Read More
Five factors to consider when choosing the video editing software perfect for youIf there's just one thing you can be sure of about video editing, it's that there are so many various types of software out there that choosing which is good enough for you might give you a hard time. And the sadder fact is that most brands have similar features, so choosing by features might not really cut it. 11 Jul 2016 Read More
Five ways a business retreat will benefit your companyThe idea of taking a break from the company for the good of such company might sound counterintuitive, but the reason retreats are popular amongst big companies is that it's highly beneficial to them - to the staff and the company overall. 7 Jul 2016 Read More
How to grow your business with a joint ventureGrowth is one of the few constant things in the life of humans and other living things. You don't have to do anything to grow, as long as you keep yourself alive. 23 Jun 2016 Read More
Four of the best business perksPerks are part of the reason that some people go into business. Some perks can tie into business credit cards. These rewards and incentives are helpful when travelling for business is required and when new equipment needs to be purchased. 14 Jun 2016 Read More
How to replicate your successful business model in multiple countriesA successful business operating in today's globalised world will eventually become a big fish in a small pond. Rather than trying to make minor gains in their own country, they will seek to tackle more lucrative markets abroad. It is the natural evolution of a successful company. 13 Jun 2016 Read More
Four proven brand protection strategies you aren't paying attention toA stolen brand could be as painful as a stab in the back. Yet, it happens every day. So if you've been working relentlessly to build a unique business brand, the first thing you should do is to protect your brand. 13 Jun 2016 Read More
Six things to consider before filing a medical malpractice lawsuitAny time that you are injured by a medical device, physician, medicine or medical procedure you may have a legitimate medical malpractice case. It is important to remember the details, as in-depth as possible, regarding your adverse medical event. The details given to a potential attorney will determine if the law firm believes your potential case has substance and validity. 1 Jun 2016 Read More
Five powerful visual contents to supercharge your blog postsThere's no doubt that visual contents are a powerful way to keep your readers engaged. They provide a unique opportunity to reduce your blog's bounce rate, improve your search engine ranking, and increase your prospect for more leads. 24 May 2016 Read More
Four smart tips to sell your house quicklyOnly few things can be more frustrating than waiting endlessly for a buyer when you need to sell your house fast. For several days, you keep hoping that the right buyer would show up with a great offer, and when that doesn't happen you'll start asking yourself what went wrong. 19 May 2016 Read More
Five hacks to help you manage your business expenses effectivelyThe success of your small business hinges largely on how well you manage its expenses. Although balancing your business's accounts is one of the most cumbersome tasks you can engage in, few things are more important. 10 May 2016 Read More
Five sure signs you're ready to start investingInvesting can be a smart way to make a lot of money in the long term. But it's not something you should impulsively jump into. 9 May 2016 Read More
Financial Ratios - Sizing Up Gold Mining CompaniesWhen it comes to assessing balance sheets, profit and loss statements and income statements, most investors leave it up to accountants or financial experts to size companies up and tell them which is good and which is bad. The truth of the matter is, most of these financial 'so-called' experts just relay information that they receive from others and normally do not make assessments themselves. 3 May 2016 Read More
Use These 5 Hacks to Deliver Amazing Customer ExperienceCustomer service is one of the key aspects, which when done right, will take your company right to the top. Excellent customer service is all the more important for entrepreneurs who are just starting off, and are looking to take their business to more people. 6 Apr 2016 Read More
Top 5 Qualities of Highly Successful Business WebsitesSure it won't make sense to start telling you at this present age that it's necessary for your business to have its own I'll act like you already have a website and just focus on how you can make your website work harder for you - to grow your business. 29 Mar 2016 Read More
7 Easy, Under-the-Radar Strategies for Generating Business LeadsThere are thousands of strategies you can use to generate business leads, thanks especially to online marketing. The hard part is figuring out which ones are really worth your while. This post will show you 7 easy, under-the-radar strategies you can use to generate business leads today. 29 Mar 2016 Read More
6 Reasons Startups Should Aim to Become a Limited CompanySetting up as a sole trader is no doubt the simplest way to get your startup off the ground. This explains why many startup owners prefer this option to anything else. 11 Jan 2016 Read More