Justplay.co.za's prizes create prized lead generation platformGenerating quality leads is not an easy task, and few can make it look as easy as Justplay.co.za. The online competitions site is unlike other advertising platforms, where cluttered advertisements bombard potential customers. Instead, users are attracted by prizes and actively opt in to play and engage with brands, by taking part in questionnaires to stand a chance of winning. 27 Jul 2016 Read more >>

One million South Africans know where to winAre you part of the one million who know where to win? South Africa's biggest and best online competition platform, Justplay, is celebrating a wonderful one million registered users! 13 Oct 2014 Read more >>

Justplay takes marketing to the playground2013 was such an amazing year at Justplay that we just can't help but shout about it! A combination of hard work and pure dedication made the year a fantastic one. Not forgetting our players, we would not have done it without them. Numbers don't lie and we've put together a wrap up so you can share in the growth, excitement and pure pride for this amazing brand. As we find ourselves well into the year we plan to do more and are anticipating the launch of our new site which is sure to bump these numbers up significantly. Have a look our impressive numbers and tell us what you think by tagging us on Facebook or Twitter @JustplaySA. 1 Apr 2014 Read more >>

Justplay.co.za is not just an awesome competition website, we care about our users and according to Hello Peter, they seem to care too! 5 Aug 2013 Read more >>

JustPlay to give away an Audi A1JustPlay promoters were out in full force last week, telling shoppers in Sandton City about their awesome competition where one lucky player will win a brand new Audi A1 worth R235 000! The winner will be drawn on Friday, 30 November, just in time for the holidays! JustPlay is a competition website whereby players are asked to complete questionnaires for a chance to win amazing prizes. For more info and a last chance at winning the Audi, visit www.justplay.co.za. 28 Nov 2012 Read more >>

Increasing use of the Internet, led primarily by the explosion in the availability of mobile handsets, is being accompanied by a revolution in the use of the worldwide web by marketers looking for targeted, measurable results for their marketing investments. 16 Nov 2012 Read more >>

Companies risk damage to brands and reputation with unsolicited sales calls. 5 Nov 2012 Read more >>

Website connects companies with interested, affording customers 16 Oct 2012 Read more >>

South Africa's leading online competition website, justplay.co.za, recently gave away R100, 000 cash to lucky justplayer local, Crystelle Eloff. 28 Sep 2012 Read more >>

JustPlay, one of South Africa's leading online communities, recently extended their product to a wider audience with the recent launch of a new .mobi site. 16 Aug 2012 Read more >>

If, like most businesses, the difference between leads and sales is high, it might be time to change the way you generate leads, and Justplay might be the answer. One of the fastest growing online competition sites in South Africa generates 1,500 hot leads a day (that's 10,500 leads a week) for businesses in a range of industries. 30 Jul 2012 Read more >>

South Africans want free stuff on FacebookAre fan page updates on your wall the reason you quit Facebook? Then you're like most South Africans. According to a recent survey conducted on JustPlay, the biggest online competition site in SA, most South Africans can only tolerate between one and two updates from a fan page a day. Unless there's a chance to win free stuff. 14 Jun 2012 Read more >>