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Europlaw Group offers diplomatic, embassy and immigration law to foreign embassies in SAEuroplaw Group, situated in the Republic of South Africa and the United Kingdom, is an international law firm, boutique consultancy and transaction company. We pride ourselves in providing diplomatic, embassy and immigration law services to foreign embassies in the Republic of South Africa. 29 May 2017 Read More++

Europlaw Group expands operations to the Republic of BotswanaEuroplaw Group, based in the Republic of South Africa and the United Kingdom, is taking its operations to Gaborone, Republic of Botswana. It will trade as Europlaw Group Botswana Limited and will become a member of Europlaw Group Incorporated - member of The International Association of Lawyers situated in Paris, France. 25 May 2017 Read More++

Europlaw Group and the strategic partnership with IFX (UK)Europlaw Group situated in the Republic of South Africa and the United Kingdom, is a boutique consultancy and transaction company focused on the implementation and provision of capital market services, escrow agent services, paymaster services and project funding. They also focus on provision of financial instruments, advisory services, monetisation of assets and financial instruments, and merger and acquisitions transactions. The holding company of the group is based in London - United Kingdom, while its operative headquarters is located in South Africa. 19 May 2017 Read More++

Europlaw Group and Europlaw Accountants entered into strategic association with Chris Seferis & Co.Europlaw Group has announced a strategic association agreement was entered into and between Europlaw Group Incorporated, Europlaw Accountants (Pty) Ltd situated in South Africa and Chris Seferis & Co. situated in Cyprus on 29 August 2016. 1 Sep 2016 Read More++

Newly established Europlaw Accountants practice in South AfricaEuroplaw Group Incorporated has announced that a new accounting practice was established in Pretoria, known as Europlaw Accountants (Pty) Ltd. This is the result of the growth within Europlaw Group Inc. that necessitated the establishment of such a company within the group. The appointed directors and accountants of Europlaw Accountants (Pty) Ltd consist of Lise van der Merwe, Jaco van Zyl and Liezel Olivier, two of which are members of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants. Europlaw Accountants (Pty) Ltd is a member of Europlaw Group Incorporated. 24 Aug 2016 Read More++

LawyersEuroplaw Group Incorporated, situated in the Republic of South Africa and the United Kingdom, has in-house attorneys, lawyers, advocates, auditors, legal advisors, fund managers and accountants that offer a variety of services. These services include international business law, legal and financial advisory services, escrow and paymaster services. We operate from the United Kingdom, the Republic of South Africa, United States of America, Republic of Nigeria, Dubai and the Republic of Mauritius. 17 Nov 2015 Read More++

Paymaster and escrow servicesEuroplaw Group Incorporated, situated in the Republic of South Africa and the United Kingdom, now offers paymaster and escrow services from the Republic of Mauritius. When receiving large sums of money, our clients need someone to deal with the payments that must come to you or that must be placed into your business. Instead of hiring someone full-time to take care of such matters, our clients would be much better served by using Europlaw Group. We have plenty of experience and an existing infrastructure for distributing large payments and transactions to you and your clients. When dealing with such large transactions, it is important to know that everything is going to be handled professionally. 30 Oct 2015 Read More++

Partnership agreement signed by Europlaw Group and Menes Law FirmEuroplaw Group Incorporated from South Africa and the Menes Law Firm from Dallas Texas entered into a formal partnership on 6 October 2015. The agreement was authorised and executed on behalf of Menes Law Firm by its senior partner, Mr. N. Jude Menes. Mr. Menes previously worked for a top-tier national law firm in the United States, and then served as Assistant City Attorney in Dallas, Texas, before he founded Menes Law Firm more than 10 years ago. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitration of London, as well as a Fellow of the State Bar of Texas Foundation, and also represents a number of non-governmental organisations in Africa. 19 Oct 2015 Read More++