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Another Silver Assegai Award for CREACHAFor the second consecutive year, CREACHA has won the Silver Assegai Award for its creative, tactical branding and content management of AfroCentric Health's internal innovation programme. 12 Dec 2014 Read More >>
CREACHA enhances the Bayport South Africa online experienceCREACHA's journey with Bayport South Africa began just under a year ago, working on ad hoc jobs that soon expanded into a significant contribution to Bayport South Africa's online presence. 3 Sep 2014 Read More >>
Happy Birthday to us!In some ways, the year has gone really quickly. It's been a whirlwind of introducing ourselves, impressing both new and old clients, winning a silver Assegai Award, designing, strategising, conceptualising, creating, printing, coding, animating, finishing and generally doing our bit to creatively change the world. 29 Jan 2014 Read More >>
A silver surprise for CREACHAWhen one of our lead clients, Medscheme, asked CREACHA to run their internal innovation programme, we knew immediately that this was going to be a challenging and exciting project. We needed to use an existing framework and design to take the project to the next level in order to meet client's objectives. The success of the project was reflected through the large increase in employee engagement, which was one of the primary objectives. 11 Dec 2013 Read More >>
Growing the South African economy through redefining asset finance applicationsWesBank has partnered with CREACHA for the first major advertising campaign run by its Corporate Asset Division. At the heart of the campaign, which stretches across radio, outdoor and press, is the innovative practice of online finance applications that yield immediate approval or rejection. This messaging has been brought across by simple and clear emphasis on saving time and the difference that an instant answer can make to running a business. 17 Sep 2013 Read More >>
It takes creativity to change the worldChanging the world, whether it's for a cause, an individual life or a company's financial wellbeing, requires creative energy. With this in mind, design agency CREACHA has officially launched its full-service creative design and advertising offer. 1 Feb 2013 Read More >>