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Bio Veda is an easy to follow Online Eco Academy that provides detailed step-by-step visually simple instructions to practically create Abundant Self Regenerative living environments
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Complimentary abundance of water webinar starts today!Alosha Lynov, former CEO of 3D Deco, is offering a week-long complimentary eco webinar for a self-sustainable garden and home, beginning on Tuesday, 30 May. In this webinar you will learn the practicalities behind some of the easiest DIY water projects so you can safely recycle your grey water. If you would like to turn your property into a living biological paradise that will support your garden and home, then this is for you. 25 May 2017 Read more

Alosha sells 3D Deco to pursue his eco dreamAlosha Lynov, previous owner of 3D Deco, has sold his event stretch décor company to pursue his dream of spreading his acquired knowledge of creating a self-sustainable lifestyle. His new online eco course - Bio Veda - will show how to transform any home and garden into a self-sufficient food forest garden all irrigated by waste water and fertilised by garden and kitchen waste. 6 Apr 2017 Read more

3D Deco Christmas is at homeThe season of celebrations is soon to be upon us. Festivities are already happening, Christmas trees are taking root and end-of-year parties are on the agenda. The question now remains, what is on your wishlist for Christmas décor this year? 11 Nov 2016 Read more

Stretching your limitsIf you are in the industry of creativity, you will be forgiven for feeling (at times) that your office is a playground and the people or objects around you, your tools for play. Just as Einstein imagined himself riding a ray of light before realising his theory of relativity, so too, the boffins of the design world use colour, sound and many of the other sensory factors to bring to life a clients brief. The end result can be breath taking and from the outside, onlookers may wonder, 'How did they do that?' 2 Nov 2016 Read more

Attract the customers you deserveIf you have been to an exhibition
you will know that the most popular stand size is...
3x3xm. It is also the smallest and thus the cheapest.
 24 Feb 2015 Read more

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