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Kate StubbsFaced with ongoing disruption that is largely being fuelled by technology and innovative software development, almost every industry is being forced to rethink traditional strategies and operational approaches. As a leader in developing smart supply chains, we at Barloworld Logistics constantly keep our finger on the pulse, analysing trends and creating ways in which new methods and viable disruptive technologies can be adopted. 18 May 2017 Read more

Why SA's youth need to pursue specialised skills and expertiseIn today's fast-changing and technology-driven world of work, the skills and expertise required of employees, at every level, are in themselves becoming fluid and ever-changing. Where job titles and roles were once fixed and specific, many are no longer relevant and fail to describe the tasks being performed and the hard-won expertise that is shaping next-generation companies. Indeed, in its latest global technology report, consulting firm Accenture coined the term "liquid workforce" to describe modern professionals and the way in which companies worldwide should be "innovating workforce strategies to be more fluid and flexible in three areas: skills development, project planning and organisation structure". 24 Apr 2017 Read more

Paving the road ahead for young entrepreneursGiven the endless stream of inspiring media stories that detail the increase of entrepreneurs to positions of power and the rise of the unicorn businesses (mostly in the tech sector), it is unsurprising that many young and ambitious South Africans are set on becoming entrepreneurs. Worryingly, however, it appears that most young people lack even the most basic business support and guidance - and hence miss out on opportunities and don't have the business foresight, to realise their dreams. 18 Apr 2017 Read more

Barriers to youth employment: Pursuing a career vs finding a jobIs the prevailing ‘job mentality' hindering our youth and their quest for rewarding work? 10 Apr 2017 Read more

What's bothering SA's youth?With unemployment sitting at an eight-year high of 26.6%, few could argue that something is going drastically wrong - particularly with regards to the youth. Among young South Africans aged between 15 and 24, a total of 37,5% or 3,2 million are neither employed nor enrolled in education or training. Young people, and women in particular, are the most vulnerable, resulting in a global youth unemployment rate that is almost three times higher than the rest of the global population. Driving through Johannesburg, one only has to glance at pavements and playing fields teeming with restless youngsters to see the dismal real world ramifications of these statistics. 3 Apr 2017 Read more

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