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ADDaBIT is a simple, social, savings platform that allows anyone to save from as little as R1.
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Pocket money dilemmaTo give or not to give pocket money is a global dilemma that most parents have to solve when their little ones get old enough to start showing an interest in money. But the global trends show a decrease in savings cultures around the world. Here are some interesting statistics and a parent's guide to pocket money in South Africa: 27 Sep 2017 Read more

Pocket money - It boosts money management skills in adulthoodING International Survey shows: Children that receive pocket money are less likely to go into debt. 7 Sep 2017 Read more

What happens when you build a business solution, but your customers find other uses for itAs with so many new products and services that are developed, we have one expectation of how they will fit into the market but our customers will find many applications that were never envisaged at the start. Michael Griffin, CEO of ADDaBIT, built a simple, social, savings platform that created more value out of the tradition of giving gifts. His vision was to create an online savings platform that anyone could use and that made it possible for loved ones to contribute to goal-based savings, particularly around birthdays or Christmas time. 21 Apr 2017 Read more

A bit for now and a bit for education - Simple. Social. Schooling“The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create men who are capable of doing new things”- Jean Piaget. 12 Apr 2017 Read more

The story behind Stokvels is a uniquely South African one and functions as an instrument of collective savings, that is growing in popularity and it is estimated that half of the black adult population in the country are in one form or another involved in this mechanism of savings scheme. 2 Feb 2017 Read more

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