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Your Ultimate Holiday Marketing Survival Guide'Tis the season to get started on your holiday marketing! Actually, we're a little bit late on this, as the shops have had their Christmas decorations up long before Halloween! Best get cracking... 28 Oct 2016 Read More

Touchbasepros free and easy email newsletter samplesWe understand that not everyone has access to high-end designers and creatives that can create jaw-dropping email campaigns. That's why we have made it super easy to put together a newsletter using our built-in drag and drop template builder. However, having all the tools doesn't necessarily mean you know what to do with them. If someone hands me a chisel, I'm not going to become a sculptor overnight without a little bit of guidance 15 Jul 2016 Read More

What Is Email Marketing?You've heard all the buzzwords about email marketing before. It's cheap and it's simple to use. It's measurable and personal. But at its core, what is email marketing? 23 Jun 2016 Read More

5 Main Benefits of Email MarketingThe world of marketing is constantly evolving, and while we see many trends come and go, there are some tried and tested methods that stick around because they get results. One of those methods is email marketing. Let's look at why email marketing has so many benefits, and why you should be capitalising on it too. 6 Jun 2016 Read More

Sending an Email Campaign on TouchBaseProTouchBasePro is South Africa's leading Email Marketing and SMS marketing company. Founded 14 years ago, TouchBasePro's objective is to help businesses and individuals stay in touch with the power of Email and SMS. Check out the video below to learn more about us. 10 Feb 2016 Read More