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25 Aug 2017An introduction to poetryCountrywide
25 Aug 2017FiksiekursusseCountrywide
28 Aug 2017Creative writing coursesCountrywide
28 Aug 2017Magazine journalism courseCountrywide
29 Aug 2017Media law and ethicsJohannesburg
29 Aug 2017Writing web pagesCountrywide
29 Aug 2017Web writing and SEOCountrywide
29 Aug 2017Personal writing coach courseCountrywide
30 Aug 2017Write for travel magazinesCountrywide
31 Aug 2017Write your memoirCountrywide
31 Aug 2017Write a novel courseCountrywide
12 Sep 2017Mobile journalismJohannesburg
19 Sep 2017Navigating the courtsJohannesburg
19 Sep 2017PRISA: Successful business writing skillsJohannesburg
25 Sep 2017Five-day designthinkers bootcampNairobi
10 Oct 2017Investigative journalism - data miningJohannesburg
25 Oct 2017Handling the mediaJohannesburg
6 Nov 2017Developing a media strategyJohannesburg
16 Nov 2017Crisis ahnd reputation management and strategiesJohannesburg
20 Nov 2017Creative writing and editing corporate publicationsJohannesburg
5 Dec 2017Reporting the budget - local, provincial and nationalJohannesburg
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