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‘Africa is where others will look for the best in new innovation'
‘Africa is where others will look for the best in new innovation'

Between East and West: Africa's economic transformation will create a third centre of global power, according to a new ‘Afro-Optimism' series

By Brett Parker 2 days ago

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Grow your storytelling, grow your brand

In prehistoric times, great stories were told sitting around a campfire. In the glow of the flames storytellers would share exciting tales to impart information, to teach, to encourage and to entertain. Storytelling is an evolutionary mechanism crucial to human communication and central to our success

By Parusha Partab 20 Apr 2017

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Does leadership matter in nation brand building?

It may not be immediately apparent about why, and indeed whether, leadership matters in brand building. After all, at first glance, it may seem that a successful brand can be built through the technical application of principles of brand building and management

By Manusha Pillai 11 Apr 2017

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Brands and social media influencers, are you at risk?

Although Andy Warhol proclaimed in 1968 that, in the future, everyone would be world-famous for fifteen minutes, it is unlikely that he could possibly have imagined today's social media crazed world and the multiple platforms that exist to enable anyone, anywhere, to become a celebrity

By Kelly Thompson 31 Mar 2017

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Through the looking glass: Consumers on Instagram

The first digital photograph dates back to 1957. Today, more pictures are taken every two minutes than throughout the whole of the 1800s. And the vast majority of those are by people recording their lives and experiences, not brands or organisations.

By Izzy Pugh 29 Mar 2017

Defining reputation in Africa
Defining reputation in Africa

By next year the African Reputation Index (AFI) should have a country or countries from Africa to add to the data set…

By Danette Breitenbach 20 Mar 2017

The trouble with branding things African
The trouble with branding things African

I have often heard people describe products and services coming out of our continent as African, such as African attire, African cuisine, African print and so on

By James Maposa 15 Mar 2017

Having a story to tell helps your commodity become a brand
Having a story to tell helps your commodity become a brand

It is not enough to be a great farmer nowadays. You also need to be a great marketer and learning to think about yourself, those that work for you and what you produce in the way that a journalist would

By Brian Berkman 7 Mar 2017

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Brands nudge their way towards goodness

Economics has long been based on the assumption that as humans we make rational, purposefully thought out decisions that are in our best interest

By Leslie Pascaud 9 Feb 2017

Lady Gaga rocks the Super Bowl half time show - @forbes
#TRENDING: Brand activism ruled Super Bowl 2017

We are entering a new era of brand activism as brands step up to speak out against political decisions they feel are morally wrong…

By Louise Marsland 6 Feb 2017

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Building your brand through the power of storytelling

People love stories and, for as long as people have walked the earth, across all cultures, storytelling has been an important fabric of society

By Nicole Shapiro 2 Feb 2017

Building a team strong enough to carry a brand to success

We know that creating a strong company culture is crucial in order to hire the right employees – and then ensure they're inspired and enabled enough to help reach your business goals

By Harry Welby-Cooke 20 Jan 2017

Are you making these five logo design blunders?

A logo can be a very useful element for projecting the personality and message of a brand or business. Some of the most recognisable business logos in our world today include McDonalds, Addidas, Mercedes-Benz

By Charles Mburugu 20 Dec 2016

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Empathy as a starting point to innovation

Often, the orientations to innovation are determined by the skills existing in a factory at a given time. Typically, the company owns a technical know-how and uses it to improve or transform its products

By Amandine Robin 12 Dec 2016

Social media sentiment shows why customer expectations matter

Brands that fail to meet customers' high expectations may see their market share slide. Marketing is a multi-billion rand exercise in setting expectations

By JP Kloppers 8 Dec 2016

Emirates Twitter Page Leveraging off Jennifer Aniston brand association
When fame is no longer enough: Brand ambassadors in the age of social media

Starting in the 1940s and '50s, celebrity endorsements began changing the marketing landscape. Soap, shampoo, suntan lotion: Ronald Reagan himself endorsed a brand of cigarettes

By JP Kloppers 5 Dec 2016

Maximising consumer engagement in a brand-push war zone

The age of using consumer touchpoint data to define targeting strategies is almost becoming defunct. In fact, many insights specialists would argue that we are still thinking in siloes based on this behaviour

By Claudelle Naidoo 30 Nov 2016

James Maposa
Developing a brand strategy

After crafting some form of customer strategy, you have a sound idea of how you want your company to interact with its potential customer base

By James Maposa 29 Nov 2016

Five business branding mistakes to avoid
Five business branding mistakes to avoid

How you go about branding has the potential to either make or break your business. Here are some of the common mistakes you need to avoid at all costs

By Charles Mburugu 29 Nov 2016

Invest in personal brand building for both you and the greater good
Invest in personal brand building for both you and the greater good

In a world where personal competition has greatly improved, significant investment must be committed to building your own personal brand

By James Maposa 23 Nov 2016

Leveraging personal brand to build your company's brand
Leveraging personal brand to build your company's brand

Building a personal brand is a lot of hard work based on competition being at its most intense

By James Maposa 17 Nov 2016

Emotive branding for success
Emotive branding for success

As it is the case with almost all aspects of our lives, we feel more comfortable, and able to work better, with those we easily connect with or get along well with us

By Nkgadimeng Ramela 10 Nov 2016

Are you making these product packaging blunders?
Are you making these product packaging blunders?

The packaging of your product is as important as what you are selling. Having attractive and functional packaging can enhance your brand image and even result in higher sales

By Charles Mburugu 2 Nov 2016

Samsung and the millennial headache
Samsung and the millennial headache

The fact that it took Samsung about 40 days to start recalling their product left a void difficult to fill, the millennial market cannot afford and does not like ambiguity

By Jimmy Tembo 25 Oct 2016

Brand building in recessionary times - is your brand geared to weather the storm?
Brand building in recessionary times - is your brand geared to weather the storm?

Turbulence. It's a word that's on everyone's lips at the moment - from the highest rated economists, to businesses of all sizes, to the man on the street

By Nicole Shapiro 5 Oct 2016

The Bank of Goodwill
The Bank of Goodwill

There is an invisible institution called the Bank of Goodwill. It is centuries old, and has stood the test of time. Every corporate needs an account with this institution - some more than others

By Khuthalani Khumalo 26 Sep 2016

Technology has levelled the playing field
Technology has levelled the playing field

In today's world; there needs to be something deeper and probably less tangible that influences people's behaviour, attitude, decisions and most importantly; builds loyalty

By Bogosi Motshegwa 14 Sep 2016

Branding in a digital world: Why having a strong identity matters
Branding in a digital world: Why having a strong identity matters

With the various events and happenings that have played a part in shaping the year's socio-political landscape (both internationally and locally), 2016 is widely being dubbed a 'Year of Identity'

By Mike dos Santos 1 Sep 2016

Three ways to get your brand trending on Twitter
Three ways to get your brand trending on Twitter

If you work in the content and branding space, you'll know how great it feels to log onto your Twitter account and see your brand's hashtag in the top trends. A plus is also that it's so objective

By Skhumbuzo Tuswa 31 Aug 2016

CEOs invigorate your marketing teams to achieve your 2017 marketing objectives

A recent study from Stein IAS, in partnership with the Chief Executive Group, revealed that CEOs have evolved their expectations for marketing. But they don't think their CMOs are evolving with them

By Bandile Ndzishe 22 Aug 2016

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