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Why you need design systems for social media
Why you need design systems for social media

With the majority of modern brand content now residing on social media channels, how do you create social media advertising that stands out? More importantly, how do you do this on a consistent basis within a quick turnaround timeframe?

By Ernst Lass 2 days ago

Fighting fake news flames
Fighting fake news flames

Fake news, false claims, invented opinions and online rumour can seriously burn your reputation. Oresti Patricios, CEO of Ornico, unpacks a strategy for putting out fake news fires before they rage out of control and explains how to manage your reputation in the wake of a fake news onslaught against your brand

By Oresti Patricios 25 May 2017

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Blowing out the walls

Facebook's ambitions have set the company on a course to radically shift its standing from social media giant to futuristic innovation hub

By Gil Sperling 11 May 2017

Sunshine co's digital sales manager, Willem Foster, Zeno Petersen (winner) and Karlien Murray from AtPhoto
Q&A with Zeno Petersen, winner of the Sunshine Co. Instagram Award

Local cinematographer, Zeno Petersen won Sunshine Co.'s first Instagram pop-up competition, beating 250 entries

By Juanita Pienaar 9 May 2017

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A glimpse into the online newsroom

On day two of the National Prisa Conference, journalist, media consultant and trainer Marion Scher shared insights on managing news in digital media, how this has changed and stayed the same, and the relationship between public relations (PR) and the media in this regard

By Jessica Tennant 8 May 2017

#WTMA17: The fast changing world of influencer and social media marketing
#WTMA17: The fast changing world of influencer and social media marketing

A panel of travel bloggers and influencers gathered at WTM Africa 2017, to chat about the do's and don'ts of influencer marketing and the use of social media as a destination marketing tool

By Robin Fredericks 5 May 2017

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Facebook knows when teens are vulnerable, then targets them with ads

“Don't be evil” is a common phrase uttered by Google executives, but we can't help but think Facebook should perhaps adopt it too

By Andy Walker 3 May 2017

Nic Ray from BrandsEye
Amasa Speaker Series kicks off with Nic Ray from BrandsEye

The first episode in the Amasa Speaker Series hosted Nic Ray, who spoke about how BrandsEye can possibly predict future outcomes

By Juanita Pienaar 28 Apr 2017

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Five ways for health and wellness brands to win on Instagram

A new generation of celebrities are teaching brands a great deal about how to generate content consumers engage with.

By Annabel Porter 21 Apr 2017

SouthAfricaIn3Words: one complex country, one complex hashtag
SouthAfricaIn3Words: one complex country, one complex hashtag

South Africa. Another large, populous country in Southern Africa that harbours a wealth of promise, but hasn't yet lived up to it this century

By Andy Walker 10 Apr 2017

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Fake followers are a massive problem, as SA duo proves

It's almost become an unspoken fact over the years that social media has a major problem with fake followers. Now, two writers have brought the problem into the open by running a dummy Instagram account and buying fake followers in the process

By Hadlee Simons 3 Apr 2017

Boris Dzhingarov
Marketing yourself as a budding freelance writer

There are thousands of people out there competing for the same work that you want. You have to be good to compete, but you've also got to be visible to compete

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 31 Mar 2017

(c) Rabia Elif Aksoy -
Brands and social media influencers, are you at risk?

Although Andy Warhol proclaimed in 1968 that, in the future, everyone would be world-famous for fifteen minutes, it is unlikely that he could possibly have imagined today's social media crazed world and the multiple platforms that exist to enable anyone, anywhere, to become a celebrity

By Kelly Thompson 31 Mar 2017

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Through the looking glass: Consumers on Instagram

The first digital photograph dates back to 1957. Today, more pictures are taken every two minutes than throughout the whole of the 1800s. And the vast majority of those are by people recording their lives and experiences, not brands or organisations.

By Izzy Pugh 29 Mar 2017

Image: Tetue via Flickr (CC 2.0, edited)
TweetDeck might not be free for much longer

Struggling to nail down a reliable revenue stream while controlling its often-irate user base, Twitter may soon charge you to use some elements of its currently free service TweetDeck

By Andy Walker 24 Mar 2017

What your business can learn from the #NerdNation
What your business can learn from the #NerdNation

They wear black hoodies, live in California, write code and give quirky and inspiring TED Talks. Some build annoyingly addictive social media networks and have movies made about them

By Gary Willmott 23 Mar 2017

Should Kia Picanto tow onto Lamborghini?
Should Kia Picanto tow onto Lamborghini?

Q: Social listening simplified and amplified: How often does it happen that a brand gets to observe what people are actually saying about their brand

By Bogosi Motshegwa 22 Mar 2017

Boris Dzhingarov
Social media marketing: What can we expect for 2017?

Social media marketing is an ever-changing field, and it has moved far beyond the days when posting links on Digg counted as social media marketing

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 17 Mar 2017

Twitter talks security after OR Tambo International heist

Johannesburg's OR Tambo International Airport was the scene of an estimated US$15 million heist on Tuesday night

By Andy Walker 9 Mar 2017

Social analysis shows majority of Americans against Trump's immigration order
Social analysis shows majority of Americans against Trump's immigration order

Analysis of sentiment based social media points to the unpopularity of proposed Trump policies – such as the border wall and the so-called ‘Muslim ban' – contrary to findings of traditional polling

By JP Kloppers 2 Mar 2017

China's Weibo is now worth more than Twitter
China's Weibo is now worth more than Twitter

Twitter is just not having a good end to the decade. After disappointing Q4 2016 financial results marred the platform's active role in the US Elections, a new report now suggests that Twitter is valued less than its Chinese rival Weibo

By Andy Walker 14 Feb 2017

Snapchat IPO: 6 more things you should know

Snap Inc's IPO filing was made public overnight, revealing a variety of details surrounding Snapchat‘s operations

By Hadlee Simons 6 Feb 2017

Snapchat IPO: The key figures revealed
Snapchat IPO: The key figures revealed

Snap Inc. filed a confidential initial public offering (IPO) with the Securities and Exchange Commission last year, leaving many to wonder about the details. But now, the house of Snapchat has raised the curtain on aspects of the deal

By Hadlee Simons 3 Feb 2017

Beyonce's preggy picture is now Instagram's most-liked snap ever

We've only recently said goodbye to the first month of 2017, and already Instagram has a new record-breaking image. The post in question comes from none other than Queen B herself, Beyonce

By Andy Walker 2 Feb 2017

Eight ways to avoid social media blunders
Eight ways to avoid social media blunders

While marketing on social media can boost the growth of your startup significantly, it could also have detrimental effects on the profitability and reputation of your business if not done properly

By Charles Mburugu 2 Feb 2017

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Follow yourself, not your ‘likes': 5 steps on the path of progress

Take a look at the world today: brands define success by the number of social media followers, hits, likes and comments. Individuals are becoming more separate (alienated) than connected in the quest to be unique and stand out; and inauthentic leaders are forcing global societies apart. A rosy picture, isn't it?

By Claudia Roth 1 Feb 2017

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The power of tech in building business on social

Last week, Facebook hosted the Partner for Performance Summit in Johannesburg and Cape Town – two exclusive events sharing the power of Facebook Marketing Partners with agencies and clients

By Daniel Levy 31 Jan 2017

Image by 123RF
#TRENDING: Social media resistance and ‘alternative' facts

A week in politics can indeed change the world, bringing us “alternative facts”, “black ops” war rooms and social media resistance fighters…

By Louise Marsland 27 Jan 2017

A guide to Instagram for SA brands
A guide to Instagram for SA brands

Although one of the younger social media platforms amongst the giants, Instagram is steadily making its way to the front of the line in capturing audiences of varying ages and interests

By Jennifer Human 25 Jan 2017

What do global brands need to know about the SA social media market?
What do global brands need to know about the SA social media market?

As an English girl living in South Africa for the last year, I have noticed stark differences in the ways brands and their audiences behave online. Not only are the content themes noticeably different to the European way of thinking

By Emma Glover 23 Jan 2017

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