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Five reasons why a professional business sign makes bottom-line sense

A professional business sign can either be and asset, making you stand out in a competitive marketplace or a liability

By Chans Weber 12 hours ago

Main market purchasing patterns - behaviours and influences
Main market purchasing patterns - behaviours and influences

The main market, both in urban and rural communities, is predominantly influenced by communal perspectives entrenched in meaningful conversations, powerful storytelling, personal experiences and word-of-mouth interactions

By Miguel Correia, Issued by Zinto Activation Group 13 hours ago

Mpange Chapeshamano
#Newsmaker: Mpange Chapeshamano makes an Avatar comeback

Politics aside, integrated marketing agency Avatar has done a management reshuffle with co-founder Zibusiso Mkhwanazi stepping down as CEO to take on a bigger role as group CEO of Avatar Investment Holdings and the Avatar360 Group, which owns the agency's Johannesburg and Cape Town offices

By Jessica Tennant 14 hours ago

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Five ways for health and wellness brands to win on Instagram

A new generation of celebrities are teaching brands a great deal about how to generate content consumers engage with.

By Annabel Porter 3 days ago

The opportunity that is the small screen
The opportunity that is the small screen

What's becoming clear from watching young coffee shop patrons, in particular, is that mobile technology is stepping in to fill certain voids and it's doing so at an extremely reasonable cost.

By Mike Laws 3 days ago

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Two weeks left to express your opinion on replacing Amps

Marketers and agencies have to express their interest in replacing Amps before 3 May 2017

3 days ago

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Grow your storytelling, grow your brand

In prehistoric times, great stories were told sitting around a campfire. In the glow of the flames storytellers would share exciting tales to impart information, to teach, to encourage and to entertain. Storytelling is an evolutionary mechanism crucial to human communication and central to our success

By Parusha Partab 20 Apr 2017

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The rise of the screens - on-demand causes multi-industry disruption

Overview of how digital entertainment on-demand disrupts media industry

20 Apr 2017

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Understanding the millennial market

Consultancy creates millennial business division

20 Apr 2017

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The marketer of the future

Today's traditional media is rapidly evolving towards the marketing of the future. The ‘brandscape' has changed dramatically in a short space of time and marketers are struggling to keep pace with the new environment

By Dr. Ludi Koekemoer 19 Apr 2017

#WTMA17: Using digital marketing to convince young Africans to travel
#WTMA17: Using digital marketing to convince young Africans to travel

"Africa's online landscape is mobile but mostly feature phone based. Travel still needs to better embrace mobile by delivering mobile and thumb ready experiences to the African youth."

By Cari Coetzee 19 Apr 2017

I am curious, respectful, practical, enthusiastic and agile. Mother, wife and friend.
#BehindtheSelfie with... Zonica Strydom

This week we find out what's really going on behind the selfie with technophile Zonica Strydom, operations and business unit director at iKineo customer engagement agency

By Leigh Andrews 19 Apr 2017

Growthpoint 151 on 5th
Primedia Unlimited takes up offices at Growthpoint's 151 on 5th

Growthpoint Properties gets Primedia Unlimited as tenant

19 Apr 2017

Bamboo Network’s chief executive Neo Matsau.
Managing business problems from a marketing lens with Bamboo Network

Bamboo Network's chief executive Neo Matsau explains why adding a bit of management consulting to marketing communications and vice versa means you're better suited to find holistic creative solutions to a business problem, with the entire business in sight

By Leigh Andrews 18 Apr 2017

Celebrating 10 years of creative excellence and successful brand-building
Celebrating 10 years of creative excellence and successful brand-building

While celebrating a landmark 10 years in business, The Marketing Kraal is making plans to enter the next phase with a bang

Issued by The Marketing Kraal 18 Apr 2017

Media: Dark art or science?
Media: Dark art or science?

Let's face it, 2017 is already tougher than 2016, which was in turn was tougher than the previous year. The advertising industry is under pressure, and media agencies are not excluded from this

By Quinton Jones 17 Apr 2017

Five social good innovations
Five social good innovations

Added Value highlights five social good innovations from around the globe

14 Apr 2017

The new Ignite Fitness gym installation is a great example of creativity and innovation in lighting as well as the gym concept.
Creativity and innovation

Companies that have stood the test of time are those who are the most creative and innovative. Even more so in the event industry.

By Andrew Gibson 13 Apr 2017

SEMs to replace LSMs over next two years

The new Socio-Economic Measure (SEMs) will replace the market segmentation tool, Living Standard Measure (LSMs), over the next two years. Kantar TNS feels this is a more accurate reflection of South African society in terms of how people live

13 Apr 2017

Koenderman was inducted into the Loeries Hall of Fame in 2015.
RIP Tony Koenderman

UPDATE: Tony Koenderman's family have announced the details for his memorial service

13 Apr 2017

Riky Rick
Russian Bear #IAMNEXT campaign reaches 2m South Africans

Russian Bear Vodka reached over two million fans in its #IAMNEXT campaign, which exceeded its initial target of 360,000 people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

13 Apr 2017

Amarula launches phase two of conservation campaign
Amarula launches phase two of conservation campaign

Amarula's efforts to save the African elephant has stepped up another gear by releasing 400,000 bespoke Amarula bottles to communicate that there are now only 400,000 elephants left in the wild

13 Apr 2017

Victoria Beckham's line is seen for sale at Target on April 10, 2017 in New York.
Posh on a budget: Victoria Beckham teams up with Target

NEW YORK - The Victoria Beckham clothing range for Target is flying off the shelves, the latest high-fashion, high-street collaboration seeking to widen market appeal - even if not everyone is impressed

11 Apr 2017

Hyundai Creta brand ambassadors Ayanda-Allie Paine and Leanne Dlamini with Hyundai South Africa marketing director, Oscar Makola.
How Hyundai is driving female brand ambassadorship

Another week, another car ad, but the new #CretaLightTheWay campaign by Joe Public for Hyundai is really gaining traction for putting female influencers behind the wheel

By Leigh Andrews 11 Apr 2017

Lufthansa launches cricket-themed campaign
Lufthansa launches cricket-themed campaign

Lufthansa has launched a marketing campaign celebrating more flights to India, pitching its shoot at the Edgbaston Cricket Stadium

11 Apr 2017

OLC breaks barriers again with McDonald's National Breakfast Day
OLC breaks barriers again with McDonald's National Breakfast Day

McDonald's SA recently celebrated their iconic National Breakfast Day, where their customers could enjoy the world-renowned Egg McMuffin and small filter coffee for only R10

Issued by Offlimit Communications 10 Apr 2017

Bring the personal touch back into your brand messaging. Image © Kirill Makarov –
Making digital brand communication human again

Take your social media marketing to the next-level - from B2B and B2C to P2P (person to person) and H2H (human to human). It's as easy as remembering that you need to be relatable and not sound like a computer, even if the message you're sharing has been automated

By Leigh Andrews 10 Apr 2017

PEG Armoury film supports Syria Campaign following chemical attacks
PEG Armoury film supports Syria Campaign following chemical attacks

The Syria Campaign has leveraged the symbolism of clothes pegs to create a new campaign to increase public pressure on politicians looking to shift the EU and other key countries to a more pro-Assad position. The launch of the campaign follows on from a suspected chemical attack in the country on Tuesday, killing dozens in Idlib province

7 Apr 2017

A clear content strategy will turn you into this unicorn, leaving satisfied customers clamouring for more of your magical marketing messages. Image © Shamain –
Clear content marketing strategy = happy customers + happy boss

Here's what I learned from BlueMagnet's recent content marketing and social media training course, such as how to 'poop candyfloss', among other magical things

By Leigh Andrews 7 Apr 2017

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