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Wautilli Arkaim - A permaculture school of practical abundance

"Our students will learn how to bio-design and build debt-free, fully off-grid natural homes made from earth and indigenous low-cost materials. Our Bio Shelters mimic Nature's Genius whilst harmoniously integrating into the surrounding environment. All waste water from our structures will feed into Self-Regenerative built-in wetland ecologies which feed organic food forest, vegetable and medicinal herb gardens." - Alosha Lynov
At our Eco Institute we will teach a series of live and online masterclasses inspiring and empowering our students to:
  1. Learn from start to finish how to build fully off-grid eco dome homes.
  2. Harness an entire water cycle from harvesting and storage of rain to filtration and upcycling of grey water. From the roof, as well as in the soil, using permaculture earthworks.
  3. Learn how to grow food forest biospheres and bio-intensive organic vegetable gardens.
  4. Learn about natural geometries, energies of shape and harmonising with environment through positioning as well as lunar and celestial almanac.
  5. Learn about key entrepreneurship skills in order for our education to be converted into triple bottom-line abundance and self-replicable business models.
We will diversify our education to suit the following three age groups:
  1. We will inspire scholars aged from 10-14 on alternatives in home and eco systemic design.
  2. Architecture, biology and natural sciences university students with two- to four-week advanced practical courses on organic food, eco shelter and living water subjects.
  3. Mature folk who wish to follow a path of self-sustainability and self-regenerative abundant bio-design.

Hi, my name is Alosha Lynov. My passion is teaching the hands-on know-how of living in harmony with Nature and each other by utilising debt-free and low-cost methods of building own geometrical off-grid eco homes, growing of food forest gardens, as well as harvesting and recycling of water.

For the last 10 years I have been building this very permaculture training school in the north of Johannesburg. Our training centre will teach the art of Practical Self-Sustainability.

To infuse the best of the planetary eco wisdom into our school, I have attended 11 live international workshops taught by the best ecological experts, with at least 40 years of practical experience in Water Self-Sufficiency, Design of Food Forest Biospheres, and a variety of natural building techniques.

Upon arrival back in SA I have practically reconstructed and implemented most of the eco DIY water tech at this very property. We have completed a 60m² seashell ferro cement roof and water tank.

Together with our students, at our live workshops, we have built two Bio Char Slow Sand Filters that treat our eco pool to drinking spring quality.

We have built nine constructed wetlands that treat all of our grey and sewerage water. We have even installed a biogas digester and a food forest spiral. Recently we have built a 60m flood control sandbag wall that weight over 300 tonnes and stores 20,000 litres of rainwater in it.

Right now we are busy developing an underground water reservoir which will hold over 40,000 litres of fresh water with an entire home built above it.

This is, our experimental site, where we are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them, so we can teach our students these perfected eco systems that just work like clockwork.

I have also spent three years living on the farm where we build two eco homes and experimented with eco machine design and implementation. Living on the six-hectare land allowed me to gain invaluable experience in full-scale permaculture earthworks and other eco projects.

My final vision is to assist folk from all over the world, who want to live in a new way... different to the current democratic enslavement that our governments and banks have weaved for us.

I have been dreaming of new cities whereby the social structures and lifestyle in these settlements are actually designed to support all those living within, to joyfully thrive with Health and Abundance whilst the inhabitants serve each other, living a debt-free life.

Here is a little snippet of my lifelong quest so you understand exactly where I am going.

I am a Visionary inventor, international edutainer and a master builder of Self-Regenerative, Self-Replicating, Biogeometric living habitats based on Biomimicry principles, cosmic geometries, geomancy, natural law and permaculture eco systemic design.

I express my creativity and talents to guide our humanity to co-create intelligent new reality research villages and cities that welcome natural laws and elemental kingdom whilst utilising natural phenomena and waste.

Up to date we have completed 95% of our ecological off-grid permaculture institute. It is almost ready to open the doors and start sharing the art of practical and integrated self-sustainability, inspiring local communities to live an abundant and profitable livelihood.

Our students will learn how to bio-design and construct ecological debt-free homes that are made from natural materials and waste. These homes will discharge their separated grey water and sewerage to self-regenerative constructed wetland ecologies that feed food-forest biospheres and aquaculture systems. Key entrepreneurship skills will be taught to our interns to ensure that the knowledge is transformed into profitable business models.

After 17 years of operating my successful event decor business I have recently sold it to pursue my eco passion. The passion to teach you... on how you can thrive in harmony wth nature and universal laws without climbing into the bed with the bank.

With all of the above learned biological eco technologies and implemented wisdom as well as all the experience gained from running my own business I feel confident that we will be able to create a new model of reality on Earth and teach thousands of others how to thrive on our planet, creating an alternative model of reality parallel to capitalism and money-enslaved society.

After investing over 200,000 USD into this school and all the education necessary to run this eco institute I have finally arrived at the point whereby I can not inject any more funds as the proceeds from the sale of my company are currently interrupted.

We currently require 40,000 USD to complete this incredibly important training centre so we can open our doors to the public.

We will be inviting creches, schools, universities and businesses so that people of all ages can learn and experience how to create sustainable livelihoods in the midst of the cities.

We will focus on training up the township folk so that they will spread the knowledge and practical wisdom to the rest of their communities, eventually taking over entire townships, ghettos and their homelands with its profitable and self-sustainable models, that really do have a triple bottom line.

We have to change the environments that we live in; current gridded-up cities, owned by banks and governments, just breed chaos and scarcity.

By investing into our eco school you will invest into our grand vision to inspire and shift one billion people to learn how to design their way to Self-Sustainable Abundance whilst co-creating together with each other, nature and all of its forces.

I look forward to your support and help in whatever way you are able to assist. You and all of your energies are welcome here!

A bit more info about The Visionary and usage of the funds

I have gotten my permaculture design certificate from one of the best teachers on the planet - Geoff Lawton. I studied sewerage treatment and tyre house construction method at Earthship headquarters in Taos, New Mexico, and built a school with Garbage Warrior, a.k.a. Michael Reynolds, in Malawi.

I've learned about wetland ecologies at the biggest wetland in Africa, the Okavango Delta, with John Todd and Biomimicry Institute. Aqueous Solutions taught me practical creation of Biochar Slow Sand Filtration in Thailand.

I've learned how to create bio-intesive gardens that use up to 20x less water from John Jeavons.

I attended live workshops in two types of dome home construction using air crete by Dome Gaia, together we constructed an additional glass room for a Waldorf School in Mexico. I have also studied sandbag dome home technology with California Institute of Land Art and Architecture - Cal-Earth.

I am about to travel to the UK to learn how to design a food forest biosphere with Martin Crawford at his 36-year-old Agro Forestry food forest.

The funds will be used to complete a food forest workshop as well as a one-month Earthship academy, whereby I will learn and be certified to teach how to build fully off-grid homes made from tyres, bottles and cans. Homes that at -20°C have a stable temperature of 20°C without the use of the fireplace.

The remainder of the money will be used to complete the parking bays, waterproof the tanks, nursery implementation and marketing of our school.


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