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You website is a vital part of lead generation. Review these key features you need to address to maximising your site's potential.
  1. 1.       Branding and Strategy:

Before you start looking at the actual web site development you need to look at branding and strategy. This point is key to sort out who you are talking to what you are saying and which are the key messaging and visual standards you wish to apply to your website and marketing plan.

  1. 2.       Website Design

The website design portion needs to ensure that you are both able to publish your latest information as well as generate leads from your website. Key features of an optimally designed site would be that it builds trust, adds value to your clients and are easily updated.

It is important that you address key factors such as keywords, sitemaps, wireframes, designs and programming during this process.

  1. 3.       Website Content

Although website content creation occurs during the design process it is important to note that waiting for actual web content could hold-up your development. To address this it needs to be a priority to create web ready content which is mindful of the branding as well as the website design goals.

A clear content strategy is key to the success of your website at launch as well as continued successes.

  1. 4.       Create Content

As outlined above a steady stream of content needs to be created and published to ensure that you continuously build trust and ensure returning visitors.

  1. 5.       Content Promotion

Once your content strategy is in place, you need to look at ways in which you are able to do content and inbound marketing, below some key inbound marketing methods are discussed in more detail.

  1. 6.       Search Engine Optimisation

As reviewed as part of your web design process the keywords and content created should ensure optimal placement of your content on search engines, which in turn provides a steady stream of visitors.

  1. 7.       Social Media

Your social media channels and content marketing features high as part of your content strategy. Creating and marketing key content which would ultimately sway followers to become brand promotors.

  1. 8.       Email marketing

Digital newsletters have been a staple for marketing and drawing visitors to your website. Key focus should be given to the content, design and sending of these communications. Timing is everything and it needs to be done as part of your content strategy.

  1. 9.       Analytics

One of the benefits about on-line marketing is the fact that you are able to measure results. To test and adjust your content strategy it is important that all available analytics are reviewed to ensure that you are able to make adjustments to your strategy to maximise your site and marketing potential.

Click here>> to review an easy to use infographic which will allow you to address all the major points to consider when you are looking at a lead generation plan.


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