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Start the day happy with the Thrive 16-seater Breakfast Blend Bike

To help South Africans with their busy on-the-go-go-go lifestyles, we launched two amazing experiences that will dial up the morning smiles.
The “Breakfast Blend Bike” is a 16-seater bike-break-bar where our audience can enjoy a delicious Thrive breakfast packed with balanced protein and fibre, while really connecting with friends, family or even strangers. There’s nothing like breakfasting around a moving bar while you cycle with 15 other people. The giant bike is living proof that Thrive (a convenient ready to eat meal) puts the ‘fast’ into breakfast.

The Breakfast Blend Bike will be visiting festivals and events throughout 2017, which we kicked off at the St Stithians Rugby Festival on 13 April.

Because Thrive really wants to get consumers to Start the day happy, we also created a mini Breakfast Blend Bike. The mini Breakfast Blend Bike is a blender ‘on a bike’, which blends delicious and nutritious Thrive Smoothies. Consumers choose ingredients from a range of fresh fruits and other toppings, choose from one of the three Thrive flavours (chocolate, vanilla or strawberry), then you hop on the bike and spin your way to breakfast.

Hashtag: #StartTheDayHappy #Thrive247
Thrive FB: @Thrive247