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Garon hits the ground running with awards

Young Propeller Films director Garon Campbell has had an inspiring few weeks!

Click to view "Vision Mission"[2.95MB]
First he was informed that the AFDA produced short film "Our Ship" had won the Special Jury Prize at the 2011 Seattle International Film Festival. This film was directed by Garon when he was in his final year at AFDA film School in 2010.

No sooner had Garon celebrated that award when another message arrived to inform him that his fourth year commercial for Ster Kinekor "Vision Mission" had been shortlisted for a Young Directors Award (YDA) at the Cannes Lions Festival. The commercial was co-directed by Garon Campbell and Danielle Erasmus.

Garon and Danielle happened to be on a short trip to Europe and upon hearing the good news they visited the Cannes Festival. They sent the following message to their cast and crew:

"We went to the Young Directors Awards evening last night to represent our fourth year commercial. They told us that it is a massive achievement to be short listed because the panel consists of 15 European countries and in each country there is a board of members that receive the films. We were the only South Africans nominated in the YDA commercials category. So they must have really been impressed by it."

"Congratulations guys. That advert has now cracked the nod from some advertising heavyweights. Tell that to your parents who wanted you to be lawyers, accountants and mud wrestlers (oh forgive my tourette's syndrome). I meant to say software analysts."

Three months after signing with Propeller, Garon has already been busy shooting a series of viral commercials for a Builders Warehouse campaign followed by a street basketball commercial for Coca Cola West Africa.


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