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Labotec turns to Ripple Digital for their new online presence

Labotec is a well-known and established provider of scientific instruments to the African continent.
The medical field in developing nations has become ever more competitive in the pursuit of the latest, cutting-edge technology; and Labotec wanted to ensure that their new web presence positions them at the forefront when looking for preferred suppliers. They turned to Ripple Digital to accomplish this.

Africa is fast becoming a hub for advancement in an ever-expanding industry, with communication of the latest available and enhanced product offering being key. Dramatic transformation in medical education has swept through sub-Saharan Africa over the last few decades as its nations aim to challenge the rest of the world at the leading edge of education, research, and technology.

Labotec is renowned for the part it plays in a wide range of fields within the industry including chemistry, physics, microbiology, and medicine. Their involvement has served to greatly enrich manufacturers and laboratories in their quest for ever more accurate diagnostic findings.

Labotec has been one of the major players in the field since it was first established in 1960. As one of the first of its kind, the company aimed to supply laboratory and analytical equipment to sub-Saharan Africa. Labotec has since established its stronghold as one of the giants by partnering with the world's biggest brands, ensuring its vision of empowering laboratories and manufacturers with the finest instruments in the trade; in addition to partnering with the world's largest and established brands ensuring its vision of empowering laboratories and manufacturers with the finest instruments in the trade.

In line with this focus, their selection of Ripple Digital as their online development partner makes us proud.

To find out more about Labotec, visit their website proudly developed by Ripple Digital. Key focus areas of the site were to create a more user-friendly website which allows quick and easy access to their 400+ product range. Expanding their already established brand within this niche market as well as streamline communication of the other services they have to offer.


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