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#CannesLions: Shoulder-to-shoulder with advertising's finest

Cannes Lions kicked off this weekend, and we have ten SA jurors across the various categories. I spoke to Fran Luckin, CCO of Grey Africa and Cannes print and publishing jury president, about the areas she predicts SA agencies' work will excel in this year, and more...

With international award season in full swing, I asked this year’s jurors what makes Cannes Lions stand out to them over the numerous other award shows, why being appointed as a Cannes judge is a career bucket list item, a few of their favourite memories of past Cannes Lions events, and the sizzle factor that makes work in their specialised category stand out.

Fran Luckin - Grey Africa CCO and Cannes Lions 2017 Print and Publishing jury president.

Luckin responds below…

BizcommunityExplain why being appointed as not just a Cannes Lions judge but a jury president is a career bucket list item.

It’s an incredible compliment to be given such a big responsibility. It’s a great way to experience Cannes, too.

I know that you miss a lot of the fun and the sunshine because you’re sitting in a dark room all week – but you get to hang out and talk about ideas with some of the smartest, most accomplished creative people in the world. It’s an unparalleled learning experience.

BizcommunityWhat makes Cannes Lions stand out to you over the numerous other award shows?

Sheer scale. Each year Cannes receives over 40,000 entries from around 100 countries.

It’s the biggest, most high-profile, most global awards show.

BizcommunityWhat’s the sizzle factor that’ll make something stand out to you in judging that work?

I like elegance of thought. There are many pieces of work that achieve great results and generate enormous hype, sometimes at the expense of restraint or intellectual rigour. I love ideas that, while being simple, and grounded in a real human truth, nonetheless display a sophistication of thought in the storytelling.

BizcommunityTalk us through a few of your favourite memories of past Cannes Lions events.

I was judging Film one year and I missed all of the seminars, because we were judging the whole week. Yoko Ono was speaking at the one seminar.

The other jury members and I were taking a 15-minute break one day, standing on the bridge above the Palais, where all the seminars happen. Right there beneath me, Yoko Ono arrived in her limousine. I saw these skinny black pants and brogue shoes get out, and then a black fedora hat. She was so close, I could have dropped something on her… Not that I would ever do that, of course!

BizcommunityOf course! Which areas do you predict SA agencies’ work will excel in this year, and why?

I’m sure we’ll do well in radio again. We have world-class radio writers.

We’re all holding thumbs! The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017 takes place from 17–24 June 2017, with Cinemark the local representatives of Cannes Lions for SA. Click through to our special section for the latest updates.

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