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Female millennials are the most confident and ambitious of any female generation

New PwC survey dispels myths about women and work

5 Mar 2015


Pre-Christmas season strike in Germany hits Amazon

BERLIN, GERMANY: Workers went on strike at a German site of Amazon on Monday

9 Dec 2014


Amazon strike hits Germany

FRANKFURT, GERMANY: One of Amazon's key sites in Germany was the target of fresh walkouts by staff in an long-running wage dispute.

1 Apr 2014


Siemens to cut 15 000 jobs next year

BERLIN, GERMANY: German engineering and technology company Siemens said it plans to cut 15,000 jobs worldwide by late next year as part of a cost-cutting drive. At least 5,000 jobs will be lost in Germany itself.

1 Oct 2013


Unemployment fears for Europe's workers

BERLIN, GERMANY: Europeans worry more about unemployment than any other social or economic problem, such as inflation, rising rents or crime, according to a 12-country survey published in Germany on Tuesday (9 July).

11 Jul 2013


SAP is looking for autism sufferers

BERLIN, GERMANY: Computer software company SAP said on Tuesday (21 May) it wants to employ hundreds of people with autism as software testers and programmers over the next seven years.

22 May 2013


Opel will close its Bochum plant

FRANKFURT, GERMANY: German car manufacturer Opel, the loss-making arm of General Motors, confirmed on Wednesday (17 April) that it will phase out vehicle production at its Bochum factory at the end of next year.

18 Apr 2013


Opel's Bochum plant to stop making cars

FRANKFURT, GERMANY: Opel, the loss-making German arm of US car manufacturer General Motors, said Monday (10 December) it would halt production at its Bochum plant in 2016 but pledged to keep it running as a parts distribution centre.

11 Dec 2012


1,000 people axed at Nokia Siemens

FRANKFURT, GERMANY: Nokia Siemens Networks, a joint venture between Finnish and German engineering giants Nokia and Siemens, said on Wednesday (5 December) it is shutting down one of its German units with the potential loss of 1,000 jobs.

7 Dec 2012


25% of German firms 'to slash jobs' in 2013

BERLIN, GERMANY: Gloomy German companies are preparing to slash their workforces next year as the eurozone crisis bites, a survey showed on Monday (19 November), with more than one in four firms saying they would cut jobs in 2013.

20 Nov 2012


Sustained business recovery on the cards as companies look to re-start investment

LONDON, UK: The latest Global Business Outlook Survey from KPMG International suggests that businesses are ready to begin investing again as the healthy optimism recorded earlier in the year holds firm. Overall, business optimism remains static but strong, with India and China leading the way; while UK and Spain are still less confident.

3 Aug 2010

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