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Facebook introduces new shopping ad format to showcase products

Marketers want better ways to visually inspire mobile shoppers to purchase, and so Facebook is introducing a new ad format called 'collection'

23 Mar 2017

How to hack Pinterest to market your business

Marketing is a dense arena with many companies adopting the same stale approach. But, there is a new strategy you can implement focusing on the sleeping giant of the social media realm

23 Mar 2017

Facebook chief product officer inspired by West Africa developers

Facebook chief product officer wraps up West African visit with region's creatives, developers and entrepreneurs…

8 Mar 2017

TBWA launches virtual entrepreneurship academy in Tanzania

Advertising agency, TBWA\ Khanga Rue has launched a free 12-class series on entrepreneurship for young people in Tanzania called “Noa Ubongo” or “Sharpen Your Brain” in Swahili…

7 Mar 2017

YouTube is bringing live TV channels to all devices

YouTube announced yesterday that its live TV service, set to take on cable, was officially a-go

By Julia Breakey 1 Mar 2017

Facebook heads to Nigeria for a social call

Facebook's chief product officer travels to Nigeria to meet local entrepreneurs and creatives…

1 Mar 2017

Social media tips for businesses

Jared Koning, CSO at Fatality, shares ten social media tips for businesses

By Jared Koning 24 Feb 2017

Zuckerberg envisions Facebook as a 'global community'

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has offered a vision for the social network as a force in building a "global community”…

21 Feb 2017

The Style Group innovates with modern social media commerce

Nigerian contemporary lifestyle retail group, The Style Group is offering fashion, accessories and design services via modern social media commerce. In the booming social media and e-commerce market of Nigeria, its model is a hit and is reaching thousands of Nigerians eager to shop online.

17 Feb 2017

Snaplytics releases Snapchat trends report

Copenhagen, Denmark – Snaplytics, the SaaS company offering Snapchat marketing insights, has released a comprehensive survey of Snapchat data to better understand how brands are using the site to communicate with their followers

14 Feb 2017

Four techniques to help build and maintain a mailing list for your business

A dwindling database has more to do with people changing jobs (and with it email addresses), or neglecting their personal email accounts, and on rare occasions, opting out of a mailing list. But, according to Vera Romano, marketing manager at Everlytic, there are ways of not only enhancing your database, but ensuring longevity of interest, and continued subscription

By Vera Romano 14 Feb 2017

Right mix of emotions drives social media referrals

BBC StoryWorks has revealed a link between emotions and campaign metrics that can enhance the success of content-led marketing campaigns. The right mix of emotions drive social media referrals

10 Feb 2017

Pinterest lets phones spy eye-catching items

SAN FRANCISCO - Pinterest on Wednesday infused more machine smarts into its online bulletin boards, pushing harder into e-commerce by enabling people to use smartphones to identify products they might wish to pursue

9 Feb 2017

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