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SAPPMA Pipes XI Conference focuses on sustainability and invention

The SAPPMA Pipes XI Conference took place in Gauteng earlier this month, covering issues relating to plastic piping, water infrastructure and engineering

13 Sep 2017

How Nigeria is wasting its rich water resources

Nigeria is so rich in water resources that many of its 36 states are named after rivers

By Nelson Odume and Andrew Slaughter 6 Sep 2017

How smart meters can save water in drought-ridden Cape Town

The water crisis in South Africa's Western Cape is cause for grave concern

By MJ (Thinus) Booysen 4 Sep 2017

Desalination? Africa should rather manage its water resources better

Access to clean water in the future is by no means certain

By Andrew Slaughter 31 Aug 2017

Katse Dam's deep flood of suffering

A Basotho pony is struggling up a cliff, burdened by jerry cans that have been filled up at a spring. Behind the animal, far below and out of reach, lies the fat gleam of Katse Dam

By Alexander Matthews 31 Aug 2017

R74m allocated to Western Cape drought relief

Minister Des Van Rooyen says the government will allocate R74m in relief funding to respond to the persistent drought in the Western Cape

29 Aug 2017

How IoT will change the future of waste management in Africa

Imagine your rubbish bin telling the municipal authorities when it is full and needs to be collected, and municipal waste collection operations being able to optimise their fleet fuel consumption according to this data thanks to predefined schedules

By Nick Mannie 28 Aug 2017

Drakenstein achieves significant water loss reduction after installing HDPE pipes

Under a 20-year master plan to replace old or aging asbestos pipes with HDPE pipes, the Drakenstein Local Municipality in Paarl, Western Cape has achieved significant successes in reducing water loss

25 Aug 2017

Smart evolution of Africa's megacities will help address infrastructure challenges

Facing rapid growth and evolution in Africa's megacities, radical and effective urban management is needed

24 Aug 2017

Sudan's Bashir aims to ease Egypt concerns over Nile dam

Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir said on Thursday, 17 August, that the construction of Ethiopia's controversial Grand Renaissance Dam on the Nile River would not impact water supplies to Egypt as feared by Cairo

21 Aug 2017

Heavy rain brings some hope for dam levels

Nelson Mandela Bay supply dam levels could see a slight increase as heavy rain brought relief to some of the worst-affected catchment areas in the drought-stricken Eastern Cape and Garden Route

By Riaan Marais 21 Aug 2017

Tap shuts on Cape water wastrels

Two of Cape Town's worst water wasters became the first to have their supply restricted on Wednesday, 16 August

By Dave Chambers 18 Aug 2017

Eastern Cape towns struggle with water rationing

Drought takes its toll in Amathole district

By Mbulelo Sisulu 17 Aug 2017

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Dubai developers unveil mega projects despite downturn

Property developers in Dubai showcased new multibillion-dollar mega-projects on Monday, 11 September, despite falling prices, in the hope of stimulating demand and helping to end a three-year market downturn.

12 Sep 2017

Six rules for rebuilding infrastructure in an era of 'unprecedented' weather events

Before Hurricane Harvey made landfall on 25 August, there was little doubt that its impact would be devastating and wide-ranging.

By Thaddeus R. Miller and Mikhail Chester 8 Sep 2017

Beyond the seas and centuries: Louvre Abu Dhabi opens in November

The Louvre Abu Dhabi - a universal museum with a focus on shared human stories across civilisations and cultures - will open its doors on 11 November 2017, the first of its kind in the Arab world. Located in Abu Dhabi, the opening celebrations will include a range of public programmes including symposiums, performances, concerts, dance, and visual arts by renowned contemporary and classical artists.

7 Sep 2017

Why China's audacious building plans could be a major strain on African economies

It has been described by Chinese president Xi Jinping as the “project of the century”. And the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative is certainly ambitious. A massive infrastructural development program that will potentially span 60 countries, and cost an estimated $5tn, it will mean building new rail networks, roadways, and pipelines across Asia, Europe, and Africa.

By Ricardo Reboredo 7 Sep 2017

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