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How to hack Pinterest to market your business

Marketing is a dense arena with many companies adopting the same stale approach. But, there is a new strategy you can implement focusing on the sleeping giant of the social media realm

22 hours ago

How new companies should treat customer service

When you're running a large company or one with a long history of performance, customer service often means preserving a reputation that already exists. With a new business, you'll need to build a reputation from scratch

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 3 days ago

Humans want human touch in customer journey, not bots

New UK research indicates that consumers value human interaction in the customer services process, with 87% reporting they tend to stay more loyal and increase their business with companies that offer a real person to talk to at the right stage of their customer journey

3 days ago

#SeamlessAfrica: A masterclass in millennial engagement and retention

Millennials are known to be tech-savvy, socially engaged, have zero tolerance for delays and are always on the go

By Lauren Hartzenberg 17 Mar 2017

African Reputation Index defines corporate reputation

While 80% of people will not buy from a company with a damaged reputation, the good reputation of a company brings with it benefits such as allowing it to charge a premium for its products

By Danette Breitenbach 16 Mar 2017

Could VR, AI improve customer engagement for telcos?

If implemented correctly, emerging technologies like virtual reality could provide the on-going customer engagement telecoms companies crave

By Mark De Groot 15 Mar 2017

Adclick Africa launches its full-service digital agency

Adclick Africa Media & Marketing Group recently launched its full-service digital marketing agency, Guerilla Marketing, at the just-ended Business Day TV SME Summit at The Maslow in Sandton

Issued by Adclick Africa Media Group 14 Mar 2017

Five tips to keep your clients coming back like a boomerang

With so many people willing to endure long lines at their favorite coffee shop or boycott companies that sell products they need, it could be argued that people don't buy products - they buy relationships

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 8 Mar 2017

Improving netiquette, improving communication

Research shows employees send around 50-60 emails every day, but with this proliferation, comes the rise of embarrassing errors and small mistakes which can have professional consequences

7 Mar 2017

Respond Social bridges the gap between social media and formal complaints management

Very often customers are guaranteed a rapid response via social media compared to using call centres or email. It makes sense therefore for customer experience managers to be able to monitor and manage all feedback, including social media, via one platform

Issued by Cirrus TechVue 6 Mar 2017

How to Instagram as an SME: utilising the platform for local success

Instagram's user base is growing at speed passing the 600m follower mark back in December 2016. Since it was first introduced five years ago, it has overtaken Twitter to become the social media's rising star for businesses. So how can you use this platform to your advantage as a small business?

By Matt Foster 28 Feb 2017

Techsys Digital awarded strategic Diageo project

To enable effective e-CRM, Diageo South Africa has partnered with industry expert Techsys Digital across Captain Morgan, Smirnoff, J&B and Johnnie Walker

Issued by Techsys Digital 17 Feb 2017

Customer centricity and collaboration for all

First came Marketing2020, then came Insights2020. In their latest industry shakeup, Kantar Vermeer has put the wheel in motion for the formation of a local South African CMO Council. Frank van den Driest, Kantar Vermeer's chief client officer, shares how this will strengthen the local marketing industry

By Leigh Andrews 16 Feb 2017

How brands are using UX to improve customer experience

Customer experience – and getting it right - is the defining factor that is helping brands stand out in the digital space. In this day of technological advancement amid a deluge of digital marketing tactics, working hard to ensure your customer's satisfaction is of prime importance in order to make an impact

Issued by Interact RDT 15 Feb 2017

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