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[Standard Bank Top Women Conference] Passionate for science

Science is an indication of a country's wealth, and the best indicator of a country's GDP and productivity is its scientific productivity. The investment of a country into science creates a healthy country and a healthy country is a wealthy country

By Danette Breitenbach 1 day ago

Robot-aided surgery now in Eastern Cape

The first robot-assisted surgeries to treat prostate cancer in the Eastern Cape were performed by Netcare Greenacres

1 day ago

Micro-finance, education reduces women's vulnerability to gender-based violence

Tackling gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS which plagues South African women, the Intervention with Microfinance for AIDS and Gender Equity (IMAGE) programme works to improve the economic well-being and financial independence of rural women

2 days ago

Digital tool for critical medical decision making

Poor medical decisions do not only have an impact on patients' lives, but it also costs the healthcare sector billions of rand every year

2 days ago

HPCSA warns against global fee agreements

The HPCSA has urged healthcare practitioners to consult the council before signing global fee or other financial or clinical arrangements with medical schemes

3 days ago

End in sight for silicosis case?

Anglo American and Gold Fields may settle with miners and their families

By Pete Lewis/GroundUp 15 Aug 2017

Tax snag leaves cancer patients in the lurch

A tax glitch has left state cancer patients waiting months for bone scans with some so desperate they were bussed to the Western Cape

15 Aug 2017

Attack on doctor sparks security concerns

The Sama has condemned the lack of proper security at public hospitals in the province after a doctor was assaulted by a patient

14 Aug 2017

WHO programme to prevent 10,000 malaria deaths in Nigeria

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that around 8,500 people are infected with malaria in the conflict-ravaged Borno state of Nigeria every week

11 Aug 2017

HPCSA: Emergency services must ensure staff is registered

The Professional Board for Emergency Care of the HPCSA has made an appeal to emergency services providers to ensure that their personnel is registered

11 Aug 2017

Nine healthcare marketing mistakes to avoid

To grow your practice and to get the desired results out of your marketing efforts, you need to avoid these healthcare marketing mistakes

By Pranjali Singh 10 Aug 2017

#WomensMonth: Nursing education creates empowerment

In South Africa, only 28% of senior management positions are held by women

10 Aug 2017

Are the demarcation regulations unconstitutional?

A consequence of the demarcation regulations coming into force is that up to two million policyholders using insurance products to access healthcare are now uninsured

8 Aug 2017

Does SA's private healthcare sector only provide care for 16% of the population?

The health minister said that private healthcare serves only 16% of the population. But his claim is misleading

By Liesl Pretorius, Africa Check 8 Aug 2017

Mediclinic enters primary healthcare market

Mediclinic Southern Africa has expanded its base into the primary healthcare market by buying into the Intercare group of companies

7 Aug 2017

#WomensMonth: Queen of the Comeback on speaking up

Not one to do things by half measures, Nidhika Bahl shares her success story to date and how Joyce Meyer changed her life

By Leigh Andrews 7 Aug 2017

Global Awards adds Pharma (Rx), Health & Wellness executive juries

Global Awards announces two specialised executive juries added to their lineup including, Pharma (Rx) and Health & Wellness

7 Aug 2017

Commed members to move to Bonitas

After the Community Medical Aid Scheme (Commed) was placed under provisional curatorship by order of court in June, it has now been decided that all its members will be transferred to Bonitas Medical Fund

4 Aug 2017

Nanoparticles trick body into accepting organ transplants

Using nanoparticles, Yale researchers have developed a drug-delivery system that could reduce organ transplant complications by hiding the donated tissue from the recipient's immune system

By William Weir 4 Aug 2017

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US charges 412 people for health fraud

WASHINGTON - US authorities slapped 412 doctors, nurses and other medical professionals with fraud charges, many for overprescribing opioids that have stoked an expanding national addiction crisis.

14 Jul 2017

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